Sunday, June 24, 2018


    As most of you know I like wall murals. I enjoy seeing good quality wall murals. There are many styles and the topics are endless. Each artist has his/her own style. The beauty is that the art is very visible in the community. It's seen! Many artists produce things and they are not seen or appreciated .

    The mural I'm showing today took a long time to complete. The local paper did a couple of stories while the work was in progress. I didn't take a good look at it until the other day. With this one you have to get out of the car to have a good look. You see much more when you walk up to it. However, to photograph this mural you have to back up against a wall. What I ended up doing is taking photos of each section.

    Of course the wall belongs to a pub/restaurant that puts on shows.

       So this mural is not only in a difficult position to photograph but it could have been in more vivid color and sharper detail.

Friday, June 22, 2018


      When the Micro Manager and I come home in the car, I let her out first and she goes to unlock the door. It also takes her a while to get shoes off etc. so that there's room for me to get in the entrance. I usually poke around the yard for a few minutes. There's always something to do in a couple of minutes.  I can also check my plants. How many new tomatoes do I have today?

      Yesterday we came home and I picked weeds in the garden. All of a sudden I heard the blue box lid being opened. The blue box is on the outside of the garden fence. I could see somebody. They dug out the papers and were looking through my papers. I didn't want to open the gate and say, "Get the hell out of here." But I did want to see who was at the garbage cans. This bum must be a good reader. Is the bum using the paper to find a job? Is the bum a news junky.

    It was taking a long time. I waited and got impatient and went in the house.

    I looked out the back window, but I couldn't see enough to recognize if it was male or female.

   I watched for about 15 min. and then the bum gathered up all the paper and neatly put it back in the blue box. I thought that this was a fairly neat bum to put things back.

    When the bum walked away, I could see that it was the Micro Manager. She had been looking for an article in a paper that had been thrown out.

    Should I throw the bum out???

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


      Last evening I went out to take photos related to summer stoltice. No, I wasn't overly anxious and wanted to jump the gun on photos. The weather forecast was the better last evening.

    So at 9:30 I packed the camera and got on the bike and went to a high spot about three Km from the house.  All photos are from 9:40 to 10:00 PM.

    I tried to show our long day where the sun set at 9:58  PM and rises at 5:14  AM For many people it's hard to visualize broad daylight at 10:00 PM. At midnight we still see light in the sky

       View of a senior's residence to the east.

  North side of a house

  The sun has not quite set.
  Somebody else is out bike riding. I met a woman pushing a stroller

  Across the street at 10:00 PM

An out of focus photo of my street at 10:00PM

Sunday, June 17, 2018


      Here's a photo of my dad from 1936-37. It's before he was married and he had just started farming on his own. He's a rather cheerful handsome looking dude. 

      Here's Dad in 2002 at his 90th birthday. His Parkinson's was quite advanced by that time but he still appreciated his birthday and said that he never thought he would grow to be 90 years old. 

     Here's the last picture I have with Dad. He was 92-93 and Parkinson's was well advanced. 

     I can't help but notice the long slow deterioration in health.
     He raised 4 sons . We were a challenge. At the 90th birthday party some of the biggest issues were mentioned with humor. A certain motorcycle purchase was a sore spot.

     However, the great sadness for him being a Dad was to not be able to raise his only daughter. She died at age 11 and he never was able to come to terms with her loss.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


      We've heard Trump's outrageous, illogical, truth bending, incorrect and unfounded comments many times. They do far more harm than good for all concerned.

     Trump made one of his wild comments this week after the G 7 conference. The conference was held in Canada and since I'm a Canadian I was interested in the conference more than usual. Since I'm Canadian, I was offended by Trump's comments.

    The G 7 conferences are tightly controlled and very precise as to what happens. Everybody takes the  same step. All the details are looked after behind the scenes.

    The host chairman is the leader of the host country. In this case the chairman was Prime Minister Trudeau.

    Trump got antsy and decided he had to leave for the North Korean summit but before leaving he had signed what was agreed to at the conference.

    A few hours into Trump's Asian flight he flew into a rage and called Justin Trudeau, weak, a liar and back stabber! Trump claimed that he had not agreed to anything in the conference final statement which he had signed.

    Where did that come from?

    The comments as well as being wrong were most inappropriate. It's okay to have those ideas. However, expressing those opinions is wreckless and isn't going to do any good.

    The comments tell us more about Trump than about problems at the G 7 Summit.

   Could somebody shut this guy up. We don't need to hear such outrageous lunacy anymore.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


     Our small city has a few murals. As with all murals some are good some are bad and a lot are in between. 

    I have been looking at one of these murals for five years or more. I can see it from a parking lot that I use when I wait for the micro manager to do some business. Usually  I forget to take my camera. Sometimes it's too cold or wet or poor light! What a long list of poor excuses. When I'm in this parking lot I'm parked illegally to some extent. The parking lot is provided by the business so it wouldn't be cool to park and then walk away to take photos.

     Well, the other day I did get my act together. 

     This mural is rather small and is at the end of an alley. It's kind of roughly done but you are drawn to the rather wild expression. 

    Now I thought there might be another mural two or three doors up the alley so I continued. Yes there was another mural on the back of an old hotel that has been remodeled to provide housing to homeless who qualify. This mural had a much more complex idea.

    On my way back from photographing the second mural I found a third mural that was on  a wall beside the first one. You can see the first mural on the right.Again it is rather simple. 

     So here you are. I got three murals in one day.

     The area has a large homeless population as some of their friends have accommodation so there is visiting.

     I know there are more murals in the city. I just have to find them and get over all my weak excuses.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


    No I haven't turned eighty!

    In my last post I told how a colleague old 55 years ago contacted me. The contact was  a surprise and she went through a few major parts of her life. Sadly she had lost here husband. She listed her three sons.

    I made a short reply and told her I had a daughter and son who are 46 and 48. I also added, "I have a wife who's eighty!" When I wrote that it suddenly hit me. Well I didn't know what to think or should I be more honest and say that I tried to deny or ignore this milestone.

    We noted the Micro Manager's eightieth birth date very quietly. The Micro Manager had been fretting over the number for some time.  Me? Well, whatever happens , happens.

    However,the other day when I jokingly referred to my wife's age, it hit me. Wow, this is getting old. I have an eighty year old wife.

    As with most things that hit me , I soon forget. But then I suddenly  realized
that I've become very elderly. I can think of the elderly people from the time when I was a boy. Eighty year olds seemed like another species. I wonder if they thought like I do that being eighty ain't bad. I still think of myself as a younger person even thought the number says something else. Eighty year olds to a young boy looked as if they constantly sat in a chair. I seem to keep moving all day. Or do others see me differently?

    Realistically I know I'm elderly. I don't dwell on it. I keep going and try to be active in life. Yesterday I lead my bird Saturday morning watching group.

    Last week somebody got a photo of me that I was unaware of. I like the photo.

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