Saturday, June 25, 2016


      The micro manager's sister phoned a couple of nights ago. The sister is 83 and not doing very well. She has Parkinson's and a couple of other health issues. She lives in a complex where she has her own small suite and has all her meals in the complex. 

    The micro manager does most of the talking as the sister is somewhat slow in speech and thought.

     One thing that bothered the micro manager was that her sister constantly commented that , "she had made so many mistakes"

     Now I happen to think that my sister-in-law was a pretty awesome lady. She came here on her own with a brother and sister to look after. She had four children. One's a lawyer, two are teachers and one a supervisor for a large drug company. She's successful financially and has travelled and wintered in Arizona for 20 years. Not bad I'd say.

     The micro manager didn't want to quiz about the mistakes but tried to get her to think more positively.

     The regrets issue got me thinking about the situation. I guess some people look back on their lives and are not satisfied and regret things. Some people become preoccupied with the issue. They think about every mistake they made and worry about it. They use up a lot of "I shuddas."

     Now I've made a mistake or two in my life. I was the typical young male who thought he was invincible and did some pretty dumb things. Alcohol fueled some of this rash behavior. 

     I made mistakes in my university courses. I can look back and see how easy it would have been to get better mark in high school. The goals I set were far too low.

     I can look  back and see things in my teaching career that I wish I could take back and do over. There were better ways to deal with a certain student. There were better ways to teach something.

     I can see things that I could have done better in raising my kids.

     However, what is past is over. It is was what it is. You cannot redo things. The majority of us do not dwell on this aspect of our life. I have a good pair of rose colored glasses. I usually think of only good happy things. Former students see me and some apologize for poor behavior. I don't remember their poor behavior.

     However, it's sad when someone gets in a condition when they focus on their past mistakes. I hope this stage of my sister-in-laws's life changes for the better.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

iPad Stuff

     I've had a problem with my ipad recently. Me! I haven't used it much for the last six months. I have watched the charge and kept the battery charged.

     Two or three months age I decided that maybe I should use the ipad so that it updates. Well icloud asked for a password. Easy peasy! But icloud did not accept my password. I tried a few more times and I was stumped.

     Now I'm not an Apple person. I admit that I have difficulty working with apple.

    Our library provides one on one help for seniors on their computers. So off I went.  Hey , they didn't even ask for my age. 

    Well it took a few tries before we satisfied icloud. It was a challenge. I now know how to retrieve a password or set a new one.

     Then my trusty librarian friend showed me many more tricks to work on the ipad. I was amazed at the simple ways to do things. Apple thinks I'm very busy when I don't close anything and then gets very slow. So I learned how to clear off all the sites I left open and don't use.

     Then the friendly techy noticed that my version of ipad was out of date so we downloaded the latest version. All the time he was showing me how to fumble my way around apple. 

     Then because I'm such a whimp I wanted google chrome for a browser so no problem. You can download it. 

     So I came home with a different point of view on my ipad. If I use it more I may become more familiar with it and like it.

So there. I emailed a selfie to myself and put it on the blog!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Oh the Strawberry Moon

        Summer solstice is one of my favorite days. We wait for this day for a whole year. We look forward to long sunny warm days. But, it also means that days begin to shorten. But we won't think about that right now.

        This morning the sun rose at 5:13AM and sets at 10:01 for 16 hours and 47 minutes of sunshine.

        But what's really cool about this summer solstice is that in the northern hemisphere we get a "strawberry moon!" You've never heard of a strawberry moon ? Well neither have I.

       The strawberry moon is the name for the full moon in June. This comes from American natives who related the full moon to the time when strawberries would be ripe. So the full moon in June is always a strawberry moon. What's special is the times we have the full moon on summer solstice. It doesn't happen very often. So today we have a full moon on summer solstice. The last time we had this situation was in 1967.

       The following photos were from 2012. Tonight there is a cloud bank in the west.

North side of a house at about 9:35 PM

My back yard at about 9:55PM


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Surprise Father's Day

     Last Sunday I received an email wishing me a Happy Father's Day.

    Now I'm somebody who does not keep tabs on Father's Day at all. I just don't know when it is so when somebody wishes me Happy Father's day a week early I don't know the difference. So I really thought it was Father's Day.

     I thought I'd wait until the end of the day without mentioning it to my wife. Then at the end of the day I would have some fun and tease her about missing Father's Day.

     I started thinking about things. Maybe it isn't Father's Day and if I teased my wife about missing it I would  be the butt of my own joke.

    I had a plan. I would look on the calendar and see what date is Father's Day. Yes! Father's Day was a week later.

    So I told my wife that my daughter had wished me a happy father's day a week early. We both had a chuckle about it.

    Now I couldn't let my daughter away with something like this. She's too much fun to miss teasing. I knew she's be quick with an excuse. I thought maybe the American Father's day is a week before ours and that would be her excuse.

    She had a better excuse. She's in Austria right now and told me that it was Vater dag so she got mixed up or so she claimed.

    Well, no matter what I appreciated the Father's Day greeting.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

International Wind Day?

     You've never heard of International wind day? Don't feel bad . Neither have I.

     I had the radio on this morning and I heard the term International Wind Day. It caught my attention. I have a curiosity about special days. If you look,  most days are special for something.

    Now I know Father's Day is for honoring dads. That makes sense. But honoring wind? That's a stretch.

    So I had to look it up. Yes, the day is to celebrate wind and all the ways it is used to produce power. Right now we are particularly interested in using wind to produce electricity. Back on the farm , in the 1940's Dad had a wind charger that charged batteries and that gave us power for electric lights only. Today windmills are used to produce large amounts of electricity. The first windmills that were installed in the modern age are being replaced because they now have windmills that are much more efficient.

     Wind power is used to power ships. John's Island has a post on sail boats today. Before steam the main source of power for moving ships was the wind. Windmills were also used to provide power for flour mills.

     We have lots of wind in the spring. As a kid, I can remember making kites (not buying kites) in the spring. We made kites with brown paper and small slats for cross pieces. These kites worked well. We used binder twine for string. We'd get  tired of flying the kite and tie the twine to a fence post. You could come back several hours later and usually your kite was still flying.

     So today is set aside to mark all the new technology and modern uses of wind power.

    We've had windy days all week so it was easy for me to think about wind.

     So do we say "Happy wind day to you?"

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


    I have a couple of small topics to take care of. They are too small for a post by themselves.

    So here's a cleanup. I posted some photos of goslings a while ago and somebody asked for ducklings. Usually I see lots of ducklings but not this year. I got one very poor photo of ducklings. I was shooting into bright sun and could not see the image so could not bring it in closer. These are mallard ducklings and they are about half grown.

   I like native flowers. I have areas I visit each year to get my fix. Saturday morning when we were on the bird walk we found many yellow lady slippers. Right beside the lady slippers was some striped coral  root orchid. I did not get a good photo of the coral root orchid.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I've Got Flowers

      I've been watching posts of flowers for months now. My flowers have finally come into bloom. Now I know you've seen these flowers before. I know you know what they look like. But I just wanted to show you that it finally happened here. We are late but at this time of the year we have long days so plants advance rapidly.