Thursday, July 30, 2015


     Where I live there are very few rainbows. When there is a rainbow you'd better look fast because it doesn't last long.

     Last week there was a super rainbow. I was in such a hurry to get photos I took them through the window. This rainbow was a complete arc, large and very bright colors. I would say it's one of the best rainbows I have seen. 

    Now I couldn't get to an open area to get the whole arc.

    Maybe next time.

     Now how many songs can you think of with rainbow in them. You can't have Over the  Rainbow because that's mine.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Spray Park Fitness

      Two years ago I bumbled into a spray park in town that was days away from being finished. I didn't know it was a spray park. I had to ask what it was. I had my camera so got photos of the soon to be opened spray park. These photos are all from 2013. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera today.

      Today I dropped the Micro Manager off for an appointment and found a parking spot right beside the spray park. Since I had time on my hands I thought , "Why not have a look at the spray park?"


     So I found an unoccupied picnic table in the shade and sat down to watch the  sights. I couldn't believe what I saw when I watched the kids. There were all kinds of creative and colorful  devices to spray water around. Some of them could be torqued a bit by the kids. A blue path lead through all the sprayers. Kids were so excited they ran most of the time. A special surface must have been applied as kids didn't slip. I was also amazed to see huge rocks that kids could use to jump from one rock to another. I thought that was a no no for safety reasons. The kids were on their own in the actions. Parents were sitting at tables or chairs looking after the stuff. There were no Mom's screaming to be careful! Don't go there!

   I guess what caught my eye more than anything was that all these kids were slim. I would think that these kids were probably active in all parts of their life. I think the spray park contributed to the fun of them being active and fit.

    So I'm glad I stopped at the spray park for a few minutes. I didn't expect to see any of the things I saw. It was a very positive surprise.

    Now if they'd only let me in the spray park!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Never Too Old to Learn

      There are some common everyday things that I have never learned. Some of these things have been around long before I was born. Somehow or other I missed them. When I learn something like that I have to wonder how I did without that knowledge for 75 years.

     The other day the Micro Manager happened to comment that the cutlery was organized in a set pattern. I had never noticed that there was a special pattern in the cutlery divider. It was further explained to me by, said manager, that when you set a table you are able to get cutlery out of the drawer in the proper order when you set the table. Now how did I live without this information for 75 years? 

There they are. Neatly in order.

     How have I been setting the table? Well, I must admit that many times I set it the wrong way. Sometimes forks and knives are on the wrong side of the plate. Don't even bother thinking about glasses,cups and saucers, soup  bowls or salad plates! But my method is when I take cutlery out of the drawer, to make sure the fork is in my left hand and the knife in my right hand. In that way they get placed on the correct side of the plate. Works for me!

    Now I had never thought that there was a special order in the cutlery drawer. My Mom did not have a divider so all of her cutlery was in one big pile. We had a lot of searching to do before we had the proper ratio of cutlery to go on the table. The first place I lived in on my own was organized the same way. I just had one terribly cluttered cutlery drawer. 

    Am I going to change since I've learned this great truth? I doubt it! In fact, I'm sure I'll never use this information. I will continue using my own method. 

    Does anybody else have their cutlery drawer organized in this fashion?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Eye Examination Day

      Today was the day for my annual eye examination. Seniors here get a yearly eye examination paid for by our health care. The thinking is that if eye problems are caught early enough they will be treatable for less money and better quality of life for the patient.

     Now the most satisfying part of my examination is that my optometrist is a former student. Dr Dean was a great kid in middle school. He excelled at sports and a little bit of competitiveness didn't hurt matters. He enjoyed sports and school. He was all round nice to have in the school. 

     When kids leave Middle School and go to high school it seems like they disappear. Some we meet later on and many we don't see again. So Dr Dean was away to get his optometry degree. He came back and set up a practice. As I had an optometrist I did not go to Dr Dean until I parted company with my old optometrist. 

     I've been happy with Dr Dean. He has a quiet calm but firm manner. He's in control. Of course , we have a great visit during the examination. He's genuinely interested as he wants to know about the person.

     So once again there is no problem with my eyes. I keep the same prescription, but I should wear sunglasses. 

So I can keep on wearing my cool glasses!!!

    I feel very confident and assured that I am getting great care for my eyes.

    I just wish I'd taken my camera this morning,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Natural Playground

     Recently the Kerry Wood Nature Center in Red Deer built a natural playground. What's that you say? It's a playground built using natural materials that have been refined very little. The playground has been set in trees. Slices of logs have been cut and placed in the ground to act act stepping stones. The logs have been given a clear finish so that the patterns of the tree rings show well.  So kids hop from log to log as stepping stones. I good old maple tree has been laid on it's side so that kids have a good time crawling over the limbs.

he playground has been heavily used since it was set up. I'm amazed at how hard the kids play in this area.

    Now the other day I was hanging around waiting for the Nature Center to open so I went through the playground. I had not intended to do a blog post or I would have taken different photos.

    I hope you get the idea what a natural playground is.

The camera picked up the light in the background.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fort Normandeau Part Three

      The setting of fort Normandeau is worth a good look. It's pretty, native habitat has grown in well and there's the river.

      The setting is pleasant and clean. There's a wide open area for picnics and hosting various functions and displays.
Size and type of teepee that was used for regular life.

A fancy large tent for larger groups

Old days transportation

Help yourself to some cool water.

      The parking lot is placed among some very healthy native habitat. There are many shrubs such as choke cherries and Saskatoons.

A cairn with a brief history

     There is an open space to the river so that you can see how a crossing could be made with horses and wagon.

The river widens here and becomes shallow

This guy is short and the water is just above his ankles.
This kid was hung up in shallow water.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ft. Normandeau Part 2

      The second facility at Ft. Normandeau consists mainly of dioramas that give the history of the land and it's people

     This area has recently  been redone and it is bright and airy. Many of these facilities have soft light. You are more or less standing in the dark. This one is very pleasant.

 This is a replica of a trading store.

The buffalo was the main part of the culture and economy.

Surveyors appeared

Police jacket

Police saddle

Police rifle