Thursday, September 12, 2019


     Yesterday our Prime minister went to the Governor General and asked that a general election be held on Oct. 21,2019.

     We have a parliamentary system and this is the first time we've had a set election date. Usually a Prime Minister decides which time is best for him to have an election.

    We have 5 official parties running candidates.  Three of the parties run candidates in all constituencies. Three  parties are main parties Two parties are fringe and then many independents run on their own.

    It's sad that elections have deteriorated to name calling, lies and sleeze. One of our main parties likes to play it dirty. The other main party tries to keep out of the muck.

   Of the two main parties we have one that is right wing and promotes all the baggage  from that side. They have not presented a set of policies yet. They want to smear and criticize the other party. The other main party is more progressive. They've outlined policies and tell people what they'd like to do. 

    I used to be a political junky of some sort and followed current events keenly. Now I keep informed but that's it. 

    So you know that I'm definitely not a right winger. Their monetary policies don't work. They want to make huge cuts to services for the people care, seniors, armed forces. I think that people should come first. The big boys will do just fine looking after themselves. 

    So I have two progressive parties to choose from. I will listen to what they say.

   So that's it from me about our election.

Monday, September 9, 2019


    As most of you know, I taught Middle School for 37 good years. It was an interesting level to teach as you got to wear many hats and the clientele were quite changeable.

    One of the duties that came by from time to time was to look after fights. This was far from my favorite job. 

    Now the good city planners planned so that two middle schools were kitty corner to each other. One was a public school and the other was a separate school or Catholic school.

    So from time to time for whatever imagined reason a fight between the two schools was rumored to take place. Some of these gatherings took place and others were only rumors. But several times a year a crowd (100 kids) gathered .

    I had a classroom on the playground side of the school. I was told to watch the yard and if anything happened I was to go out. Another teacher was also given the same assignment. Ole weighed about 300 lbs and was 6' 4".

    So when a crowd gathered on the field Ole and I would slowly walk to the field. There were a number of reasons for the slow walk. One was to assess the situation. I always made sure I was a couple of steps behind Ole. I was a coward!

   We would walk to the edge of the crowd and it appeared like a small group in the center was in discussion. No punches or pushing. Shortly the group in the center parted and both groups went off in their own direction.

    These "meetings" were unpredictable. There's not a lot two teachers could do if there was a rumble.

    Our kids knew very well what happened if they ever fought or attended a fight. They also liked Ole and they didn't want to get on the wrong side of him.

    So we went back into the school and to the staff room. Some teachers always wanted to know what went on. Ole would always say with a big chuckle , "They called it off on account of lack of interest!"

   Now over all the years I never saw a punch thrown or any shoving.  It appears that most of it was about turf. I'll come on your yard and I'll chase you off our yard. 



Thursday, September 5, 2019


    My neighbor S has been handicapped since the age of seven when she had a major head injury.   She is now about 50. Her left arm dangles and does not move at all. Her left leg is also limited but she is able to walk quite well. She is also able to drive.

    Here people in S's condition get what is called AISH and it's supposed to be enough to live on. You are allowed to make a small amount above the AISH. S lives with her Mom but is involved in quite a few things.

    S is a competent baby sitter. She volunteers at a number of places. She's also a pretty good bottle picker.

    S is very happy and always cheerful.

    She helps a senior citizen in a care home with a few things. The other day while helping the senior S tripped and fell and severely injured the right shoulder. She's in the hospital and has had a plate installed to put things back together.

    Now here's the problem. With no arms what can you do? Try eating? Try putting on your clothes? Try going to the bathroom. You got it . You are helpless. 

   Now I have to ask myself how unlucky S can get. She's a cheerful person and always willing to help. When her mother is away S will cut the grass even though her mother tells her not to because of safety. 

   They are going to get some home care until she gets some use of her right arm.

    Knowing S, as I do, she will bounce back.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


   I live in a rather dry area. We have an average rainfall of 12 inches.That means that we rarely get the big cloud formations . There's not much moisture in the air. We have some high cloud. Many times we get the brilliant blue skies without a cloud on the horizon.

    It was that way today..not a cloud on the horizon. It was a darker blue about 2 hours before I got around to taking these photos.

Friday, August 30, 2019


     My driver's license has come up for renewal. 

     Now here, private businesses look after driver's license renewal. They look after many more things like car license, registering of companies, land title services   just a lot of legal things that the government requires.

    Okay back to my driver's license. Here at a certain age , like eighty, you have to get a medical in order to get your driver's license..  The micro manager had to get on this right away. I would have waited but that's another debate. We went to the registry to get the form for a driver's license medical. Then hurry up and get an appointment for the said medical. 

    Okay it starts here. The receptionist threw my medical form away. She said it's all done electronically. Okay, I'll believe you. So for my examination the Doc gets the medical form on his computer , fills it out, and tells me to stop on the way out and sign it. Fine. They made a copy and gave me the original to take to the registry. Are you counting the mistakes yet.

   I get to the registry and they notice that there's nothing on my old license that said I wear glasses when I drive. So quickly over here to the eye tester machine. So you have a clerk giving you an eye test and not just measuring if you're 20/20. ..the colorblind test, depth perception! You have someone giving you a test that they don't know anything about.

   About that time I was thinking well how many mistakes have to be made before I don't get a license? What goes on with the system?

   The last time I renewed, my address was in another province!

    Well , I was given the standard paper interim license with the real one to follow in a bout 60 days. 

   Am I finished with mistakes yet? I hope so.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


    President Trump's performance at the recent G7 was rather pathetic. 

     He skipped some sessions. In particular sessions on climate change.

    Changes in the agenda were made and he was not prepared and did not cope with the changes.  The Iranian President was brought in. 

    In the final statement on the conference Trump quickly got off the topic and went rambling on about some national politics at home. 

    A number if irrational and incorrect claims were made ...his great friendship with the North Korean leader... the trade war being won by tariffs.

   Now he looked as if he was lacking energy and sleep walking through the conference. The world is going on without him. Sadly he is isolating his own country from the rest of the world.  He seems to think that if he sticks it to countries they will buckle under and agree to his greedy wants. He seems to be blind as to what the consequences could be by taking an isolationist position to international relations.

     The whole world is influenced by poor policy. People struggle . Working together can be and is difficult but it pays benefits. Tariffs are a tremendous waste of effort and assets.

    So it looks like for Trump the term ain't easy bein sleazy would fit his latest actions..


Friday, August 23, 2019


     Those who follow me very much know that I'm a bit of a birder. For those into birds know that a lifer is seeing a bird that you've never seen before.

     I'm not reporting a lifer but something in the bird world that I'd never seen before.

    Many people have told me about seeing a Cooper's hawk that's caught a bird and is sitting on the post ripping the feathers off so that it can be eaten. Well this week I saw that event happen. I didn't see the bird being caught , but Cooper's hawks chase their prey through the trees and catch up to it and seize the bird.  they will also catch squirrels and chipmunks. Cooper's hawks now are found in wooded urban areas. Cooper's hawks are about 16 in long and have a wing span of about 30 in.

    The bird I saw is a juvenile which means that it was hatched last year. They are a very neat clean looking bird with the creamy white and brown plumage.

    These photos were taken through the window.  The first shows the bird on the fence with it's prey. In the second photo I wanted to show the upper markings. The third photo shows that he's caught a house sparrow and the barred under tail parts.