Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rewards of the Gullible

    I have always liked pudding. Any kind of pudding! All kinds of pudding! I would eat pudding three times a day if I could. Mom's baked rice pudding! Mom's bread pudding! What I wouldn't give to have them again. Buffets with puddings are heaven on earth.

   When I was a little kid, a little thievery of Mom's cookies took place on a regular basis. Many cookies were baked and Mom was extremely busy so the risk of being caught was minimal. Cakes with icing? Well a small finger in the icing would never be noticed. Licking the finger was perfect.

    So one day when I was about seven or eight, I came home from school and there was a large bread mixing pan in the porch and it had the most wonderful looking stuff in it. PUDDING! It was a huge bowl of pudding. Nobody would miss a little pudding from such a large amount as this? I dipped in the vast amount of pudding and eagerly looked forward to wonderful pudding taste. Oops! It didn't taste that good. It tasted funny. Well try some more. It was definitely not pudding.

    So I was most  disappointed about not finding a bonanza  of pudding.

    When I got in the house, I asked Mom and Dad what was in the porch. They smelled a rat. They asked me if I tasted it and I admitted I had. 

    It turns out that the huge bowl of goop was home made wall paper paste! In the old days you didn't buy wall paper paste at the store. You mixed up wall paper paste from a special recipe. Mom and Dad were going to put up some wall paper so they'd made the paste. It was in the porch to cool.

   Now this event became an often told family story. I remember it so well today because I heard it many times as I grew up.

   Have you ever heard the expression, "It tastes like wall paper paste?" I can tell how that statement originated.

    I'm sure gullibility has got many people into embarrassing situations. Are you one of those?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Favorite Jacket

      I have a very favorite leather jacket. I bought it at least 30 years ago and over  the years I  wore it more and more until it's become hard to take it off me. Well, I don't mean I wear it to bed or anything. If it's fall or spring and I'm going anywhere, I liked to wear my gray leather jacket.

Note the waste and shoulder where the color is gone. Now it did make me look like a had a big paunch!

     After a few years of wearing the jacket it became very comfortable. It just felt right in every way. It was light. The pockets were in exactly the right place. Nobody else had a gray leather jacket. It was all mine. I didn't pay attention to how it coordinated with other clothes I was wearing. That jacket just had to go with me.

    Now the last five years this jacket has been past it's prime. The gray dye has left it in many places so that the uncolored leather is showing through. I knew that the leather around one pocket was torn a little bit. This fall when I wore the jacket I noticed that the small tear had become quite large. The leather had just aged so that it was coming apart on it's own. The micro manager decided to sew it up if I didn't wear the jacket out any place. She also discovered some seams that had come apart. So, all in all, it looked pretty bad for my favorite jacket. 

   So the old gray leather jacket will be down graded to being worn where I'm not likely to see anybody. 

   So do you get attached to things like the jacket that I wore for a long long time?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Some Cards are Wild

     Continuing with the birthday...

     My daughter buys the coolest cards you can find. Your card might arrive very late but the card will arrive.

    So my birthday card today has on the front:

     Birthdays always remind me of the giant redwoods
     on the West Coast. The way they stand tall
    and proud , year after year, century after century.
    Their majestic beauty never fails to
     take my breath away.

    Inside the card:
    Thank you for planting them!

     I had a good chuckle about this one. I hope you enjoy it.

    so do you have somebody who sends you really cool cards?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

75's a Good Number

    Today is my birthday and I'm a proud and happy 75. I don't think much about aging and how old I am or how much life I have left. I've enjoyed my 75 years. I will enjoy what's left and not worry about it.

    What I do like to think about on my birthday is my birth.

    I was the first born child for my Mom and Dad. They were in their mid 20's and were the young generation which lost heavily in the great depression. Mom worked as a house maid and stayed home with her parents. Dad roamed around and picked fruit, worked in the bush and sawmill. worked on a dairy and did as many day jobs as he could find. He stayed with friends and relatives. 

    My Dad was able to buy a small farm and this is what he took my Mom to when they got married. There were only country doctors and the nearest hospital was 40 miles away. Most children were born at home. I imagine my mother was somewhat terrified as there was really very little expertise as far as delivery was concerned. The old doctor had much experience but nothing to work with. Mom's two friends came to be with her. My birth went smoothly , the doctor left and Mom's two friends took over. 

    It was a very warm fall day. Dad said the house got hot when the old cook stove was used to heat up lots of water for my delivery.

    I like to think about the mixture of excitement and fear my Mom and Dad had when I was born. The story of my birth was told many times. I was born in the house and both parents shared the experience. 

    So it makes me happy to reflect on my birth once again.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Have Decided...

      I have decided, well somebody decided, that I will no longer climb my step ladder in the winter!

      We were watching the kids across the street decorating their house for Halloween. Their dad was on the step ladder putting up orange and black lights. At that time the micro manager said, "We're not putting up Christmas lights this year." That was it. The decision was made. Done! Over! Okay, I was told that if I wanted to live in this house I could not go up the step ladder.

And the ladder leans in

Great window reflection!

     Now putting up Christmas lights here has been a tradition. We've had the same house since 1970. We've had the same set of lights since 1970. The lights have gone up in the same place since 1970. You get the drift. This is a well established pattern. Simple. Except for one thing. A step ladder is needed.  Now the step ladder is really not high enough, so I have been standing on the very top of the step ladder to get the lights on at the peak. Complicating the matter is that one side of the ladder has to be on soil and the other side is on cement. There's usually lots of snow. Sometimes the ground is frozen and solid so there's a firm base. Sometimes the ground is only partially frozen and will suddenly give away.

    So it was decided that the old guy would not go up the ladder any more to put up Christmas lights. It is risky. Step ladders aren't user friendly. 

   I have always been a risk taker. Now I realize that if I fell on the floor I might hurt myself and if I fell from the top of a step ladder it might be game ending. So I have happily come to a conclusion and made a decision.

    Have you made any live changing decisions?

Friday, October 17, 2014

I Spent Two Nights in the Maternity Ward.

    Now some of you are saying, "Big deal.! I spent several nights in the maternity ward and did the real thing! "Others may say, "Ya,visiting?" Others are saying,"Ya , visiting your wife!" Ya, I know . You were born there.

    None of these are true. I was admitted overnight twice to a maternity ward.

    Two beds in a regional hospital are dedicated to sleep testing. Those two beds just happen to be carved out of a maternity ward.

    I was sent twice to sleep overnight for sleep testing. Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing in your sleep. You'll always start breathing again. The problem is that your blood oxygen level gets low. You wake up the next day feeling very fatigued.

    I have allergies so sometimes I get nasal drip which irritates my throat. What really sent me to sleep testing is one time when my daughter stayed in the same hotel room as us. The next day she complained about all the noise Mom and Dad made all night. She said, "One of you snores and one of you makes choking noises." I knew who snored , so that left me with the choking noises. That's what prompted me to get some testing done. The test showed that my oxygen level stays above the minimum level.

     You check into the hospital about 8:00 PM. About 10:00 PM they put you to bed but not until an awful lot of wiring is done to you. This equipment will keep track of your sleep patterns and your blood oxygen levels all night. Sleep is almost impossible with that much wire on you. You can't roll over without worrying that you pull some wires off. Going to the bathroom is a major event. However, morning comes and they take all the wires off and you're good to go. You make your way to a restaurant for breakfast. The cheapos don't even give you breakfast.

    Now getting back to maternity. The first night I was there there were no maternity patients, just one other guy for sleep testing. The second time there was a young couple on the ward and the baby had been born in the afternoon so Mom was staying over night. So the heavy work in the maternity ward is done in the day and everybody is sent home.

    So there, I did spend the night admitted to a maternity ward!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Face Book: I'm Not a Big Fan

      I've had a face book page for about 4 or 5 years. I haven't found anything on face book that really excites me and a lot that aggravates me.

     I started a face book page to keep up with family as I am far away from them. At first there was information from nieces and nephews. I guess they grew tired of the thing and gradually one by one did not post on face book.

    The aggravating part is when people like and recommend a bazillion different things that I have no interest in.  People find all kinds of things from God knows where to put on thinking that I or somebody else may be interested. For example: religious pieces, food, recipes, restaurants...

    Now the other day I did find something interesting to follow on face book. This is a long and convoluted story. Get ready! I like Vinyl Cafe on CBC radio. I don't miss it. Once  a year they have a segment called the Arthur Awards. Arthur is the name of the dog in the story. The Arthur Awards are for somebody who does something good which is not rewarded in any other way. It's something that is a common everyday act of kindness or help that is completely volunteer.

     I was not listening terribly well at the beginning of the presentation but grew very interested as the interview moved along. The guy being interviewed had walked across Canada and now was walking from the U.S. border to the Arctic Ocean. It was a fascinating interview. At the end the guy gave his face book page "The Great Hike." He had described how the previous night he had camped along the road and in the morning a buffalo was outside his tent. He looked out the tent and the buffalo was right there. To take a picture he had to back into the tent in order to get the whole buffalo in his photo.

   This page really interested me. So I searched for the page. The page comes up with his photo of the buffalo. Of course, there were many more photos. Also one of the people liking the page was my friend Cheryl! What a surprise!

    So this is a site I really like and if I made more effort I might find other pages I like. Oh yes, this week I began following a birds of Alberta page. It has awesome bird photos.

    What do you find interesting on face book?