Tuesday, July 16, 2024


       I will try this topic again and try to stay on the topic this time. 

       As I said , I went to the Red Deer River bank to check on some flowers. I began thinking of the river system and how huge it is. What's the history of one drop of water running by me? Does it make it all the way to Hudson Bay or does it get stopped in some farmer's field. 

        The Red Deer River is part of a large river system. The Red Deer River comes out of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains   and from beginning to end is 724 km (450 mi). Many little streams join together. By the time it gets to Red Deer it's a fairly large river. It ends when it joins the south Saskatchewan River at the Saskatchewan border. The South Saskatchewan river started when the Bow River and Old Man river joined to make the south Saskatchewan river. 

       Here's the Red Deer River as it flows by Red Deer. 

         The South Saskatchewan river runs 550 km (346 mi) until it joins the North Saskatchewan River 25 Km east of Prince Albert. It then becomes the Saskatchewan river which flows into the north end of Lake Winnipeg. The Nelson River then takes the Lake Winnipeg water 644km (400mi) northeast where it empties into the Hudson Bay.  

       So how long does it take that little drop of water to make all those miles?

       In the days of the fur trade, paddlers went all the way to Hudson Bay with the current and than came all the way back against the current in one summer!

      It's hard to believe the size of this system which runs across three provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 


Sunday, July 14, 2024


      I went down to the Red Deer River today to check on some plants that are invasive species. I found them two years ago and then couldn't find them the next year.

     Today I found them again. Of course, I didn't know what they were. As soon as I turned my camera on it said my batteries were done.

    I had planned to take photos of these plants and some photos of the Red Deer River. One always needs more photos of the Red Deer River. The photo on my header is the Red Deer River.

   So I took a bloom from the plant and a couple of stems. I was right beside the Nature center so decided to ask them first before contacting my friend Tony. One of the summer students was able to make an ID for me. It's a yellow clematis but probably needs to be narrowed down.


   So my readers can have fun with this plant. 

  I have a major bug infestation on my black currant. I asked for help in an ID. I got two replies. They were both the same. So my daughter in law and niece made the same ID. They are very sharp cookies. 

    My thinking certainly changed from the time I wrote the caption until I got to the post. Old brains seem to wander around.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024


      Did you ever get stuck in your bath tub? Well it happens. Sometimes people can not get enough leverage to get themselves out of the bath tub. 

    Right now I have two of the best next door neighbors you'll ever find. They are both paramedics and make it clear that if we or other neighbors have a problem we are to call them. 

     So  a few weeks ago the 88 year old lady across the street came running for the paramedics. The paramedics thought she was saying "Tom's dead. "  So my neighbors ran to Tom's house to find that he had fallen into the bath tub. He doesn't know how it happened but he fell in a position where he couldn't grab onto anything to lift him out of the tub. He was not bathing but bumped something and fell. The paramedics had him out of the tub and on his way to emergency.

     So the paramedics laughed and said they get all kinds of calls to get people out of bathtubs. Of course yours truly had to say, "I bet you see all kinds of sights!" To which they replied, "That's what towels are for." They went on further to say that a towel is used to put around the arms and shoulders to get a person out of a tub. 

    So this was the start of many stories about getting people out of bathtubs and any other cramped space. They have many stories.

   I thought getting somebody out of  tub was simple until the Micro Manager needed help . When someone is in a tub you cannot get in a good position to lift or move the person. The person is also wet and slippery. The Micro Manager took a second try and got herself out of the tub. It was a worry when you are helpless to help someone. 

Sunday, July 7, 2024


        Could this guy be Spencer?

        For more than a year I have noticed disturbances in the soil in the flower bed underneath my living room window. Only recently I made the discovery that these disturbances were caused by a rabbit. Even more recently I have caught the culprit spending his/her time in the flowers and shrubs in front of my house. I have been walking by him/her many times and him/her has not flushed  and I didn't know that there was a beast there.  In fact, this is a very cheeky bunny. He/She gets up and moves about two meters and stops to see if I'm  going to leave the area. 

     So this bunny has chosen a prime area to spend the day safely dozing and grooming. And once in a while he/she gets up and enters my back yard. There he/she has helped himself/herself to my garden produce. To date my lettuce, peas, beans and beets have been sampled. 

      It was a blue sky day this morning. 

    So I've set up baracades to try to prevent the bunny from having a healthy lunch.

    How many of you remember the story of M McGregor and Peter Rabbit? I feel like Mr MacGregor.

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Tuesday, July 2, 2024


      It would seem to me that there are penalties for telling lies. I think we used to get our mouths washed with soap or was that for swearing. 

     For some time it seems that, in particular,  politicians tell many lies. This was brought more to my attention with the debate of the two American presidential  candidates. 

     I looked up lies and penalties. There are many penalties for telling lies from community service to prison terms. Why are many people , in particular politicians dealing in lies? Well it works. The lie is intended to deceive. It seems as if lies are very successful in deceiving people. So the bigger the lie the more chance of success in persuading someone to vote for a candidate. But I still wonder why liars aren't charged with a criminal offense? 

   So why aren't liars charged ? If liars were charged and convicted wouldn't others  think twice about telling lies? 

   My neighbor is one of those who thinks if he talks fast, says nothing, tells half truths, tells conspiracies and goes round and round he will prove his point. When he does quit jabbering you are so mixed up , you don't know what to challenge him on. 

    So some day, I would like to see a liar charged with a criminal offense for telling lies. I have an idea of the first guy I would like to see charged. 

Sunday, June 30, 2024


       I look forward to tomorrow when we celebrate our nation's birthday. The country was formed in 1867 and grew very much after that.

      When the country was first formed there were only Four provinces: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. In 1870 Manitoba joined the country. In 1871 British Columbia joined. In 1873 Prince Edward Island became a province. Saskatchewan and Alberta became provinces in 1905. Newfoundland joined in 1949. The maps changed greatly over the years. Quebec was made up of the southern portion along the St. Lawrence river. The remainder was included many years later. 

     There are still three territories. The North West Territories were formed in 1876. At that time it consisted of all of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Yukon was formed in 1898 and Nunuvuut was formed in 1999. 

    So there you have a dull and boring list but you see what we're celebrating. 

    So Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians.