Sunday, September 22, 2019


     With my discovery of You Tube a couple of years ago , I've been able to revisit some music that I used to listen to at one time.

    My music tastes and listening have certainly changed over the years. When I was young. When I was very, very young we did not listen to much radio. Much of radio was programs rather than the station playing music. Some of the programs were country and western music. Other programs were like Lux Presents Hollywood. Fibber Magee and Molly and many more.

    Anyway when I was younger I listened to country and western music. But in there somehow I listened to singers like Perry Como . Perry Como popped into my brain the other  day and I checked you tube. I listened to his songs for a couple of hours. I'd forgotten how good the guy was. Perry Como picked good songs. He sang with a full  orchestra. No wonder I like the guy. I put this on face book and was surprised how many friends had their memories of Perry Como.

     Like any teenager in the fifties I was attracted the rock music. Elvis and many more performers caught my attention. At the same time I found some classical music that I liked to listen to. 

    One day as I was leaving the local library with a fist full of CD's someone said, " you have an eclectic taste in music." I had to come home and look up the meaning of eclectic. 

    Mr C started singing in the mid thirties . He had a long and varied career with bands , radio and television.

   I enjoyed listening to him the other evening.

   So do you remember Perry Como? Did you like him?

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


    For a long time compressed air has been used in a variety of ways, Compressed air drives some tools. It's used in tires and many more ways that I don't know.

    A special pump fills a tank with air. There are valves that let the air out to run things. The tanks and pumps can develop a very high pressure. It used to be that there were corner garages. For courtesy they always had a line outside that their customers could use. Now we don't have corner garages but just gas stations and they don't need compressors. So they charge for the air.

    Now I happen to need air pressure from time to time to fill up my bike tires. Bike tires work best with  pressure of around 40 psi. I bought a small pump to pump up my bike tires. However, the pump got old and I had to go somewhere  you could get your bike tires filled with air.

    Since I hadn't done this for some time I was very surprised to find that you had to put coins in a slot to make the pump work. I hadn't taken any money and had to ride back home. This situation irked me to some degree.

    Three days ago I had to fill trailer tires with air. I got to the place that sells air and found out that they don't accept coins anymore but only cards. You had to tap your card on a screen. Guess what? I didn't have a card. I was about to go back home when a guy driving a motorcycle showed up. He said, " Don't worry . I'll use my card." Now that is a supper gesture. The air costs $1.50 for three or four minutes. Between the two of us it cost $3.00. I offered him money but no way was he accepting money.

    Now my faith in humanity was strengthened when I was helped by a stranger.

   But what about selling air? That seems a little funny to me.



Sunday, September 15, 2019


    The last few days I got some incidental sky shots while I was trying to take a picture of something else. 

    OK , I'll back up  bit. My ability in photography is limited at best. I had forgotten how to use my camera telephoto. I have a 34 zoom so not much. I wanted to take some shots of the harvest moon. Another problem I have is to keep the camera still. When you're 80 , it's a big problem.

    So Friday evening I went out on my step and leaned against the house wall for support and tried to get moon shots. So what ? Skies get dark!

     Into every life a little cloud must come. There were thin clouds going across the moon.

    Did I say I hadn't found my zoom for a while. The zoom taught me that it focuses on what's closer.
  I couldn't quite get the people in the balloon.

This time the camera picked up the yellow and black sign and almost ignored the tree branch

Thursday, September 12, 2019


     Yesterday our Prime minister went to the Governor General and asked that a general election be held on Oct. 21,2019.

     We have a parliamentary system and this is the first time we've had a set election date. Usually a Prime Minister decides which time is best for him to have an election.

    We have 5 official parties running candidates.  Three of the parties run candidates in all constituencies. Three  parties are main parties Two parties are fringe and then many independents run on their own.

    It's sad that elections have deteriorated to name calling, lies and sleeze. One of our main parties likes to play it dirty. The other main party tries to keep out of the muck.

   Of the two main parties we have one that is right wing and promotes all the baggage  from that side. They have not presented a set of policies yet. They want to smear and criticize the other party. The other main party is more progressive. They've outlined policies and tell people what they'd like to do. 

    I used to be a political junky of some sort and followed current events keenly. Now I keep informed but that's it. 

    So you know that I'm definitely not a right winger. Their monetary policies don't work. They want to make huge cuts to services for the people care, seniors, armed forces. I think that people should come first. The big boys will do just fine looking after themselves. 

    So I have two progressive parties to choose from. I will listen to what they say.

   So that's it from me about our election.

Monday, September 9, 2019


    As most of you know, I taught Middle School for 37 good years. It was an interesting level to teach as you got to wear many hats and the clientele were quite changeable.

    One of the duties that came by from time to time was to look after fights. This was far from my favorite job. 

    Now the good city planners planned so that two middle schools were kitty corner to each other. One was a public school and the other was a separate school or Catholic school.

    So from time to time for whatever imagined reason a fight between the two schools was rumored to take place. Some of these gatherings took place and others were only rumors. But several times a year a crowd (100 kids) gathered .

    I had a classroom on the playground side of the school. I was told to watch the yard and if anything happened I was to go out. Another teacher was also given the same assignment. Ole weighed about 300 lbs and was 6' 4".

    So when a crowd gathered on the field Ole and I would slowly walk to the field. There were a number of reasons for the slow walk. One was to assess the situation. I always made sure I was a couple of steps behind Ole. I was a coward!

   We would walk to the edge of the crowd and it appeared like a small group in the center was in discussion. No punches or pushing. Shortly the group in the center parted and both groups went off in their own direction.

    These "meetings" were unpredictable. There's not a lot two teachers could do if there was a rumble.

    Our kids knew very well what happened if they ever fought or attended a fight. They also liked Ole and they didn't want to get on the wrong side of him.

    So we went back into the school and to the staff room. Some teachers always wanted to know what went on. Ole would always say with a big chuckle , "They called it off on account of lack of interest!"

   Now over all the years I never saw a punch thrown or any shoving.  It appears that most of it was about turf. I'll come on your yard and I'll chase you off our yard. 



Thursday, September 5, 2019


    My neighbor S has been handicapped since the age of seven when she had a major head injury.   She is now about 50. Her left arm dangles and does not move at all. Her left leg is also limited but she is able to walk quite well. She is also able to drive.

    Here people in S's condition get what is called AISH and it's supposed to be enough to live on. You are allowed to make a small amount above the AISH. S lives with her Mom but is involved in quite a few things.

    S is a competent baby sitter. She volunteers at a number of places. She's also a pretty good bottle picker.

    S is very happy and always cheerful.

    She helps a senior citizen in a care home with a few things. The other day while helping the senior S tripped and fell and severely injured the right shoulder. She's in the hospital and has had a plate installed to put things back together.

    Now here's the problem. With no arms what can you do? Try eating? Try putting on your clothes? Try going to the bathroom. You got it . You are helpless. 

   Now I have to ask myself how unlucky S can get. She's a cheerful person and always willing to help. When her mother is away S will cut the grass even though her mother tells her not to because of safety. 

   They are going to get some home care until she gets some use of her right arm.

    Knowing S, as I do, she will bounce back.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


   I live in a rather dry area. We have an average rainfall of 12 inches.That means that we rarely get the big cloud formations . There's not much moisture in the air. We have some high cloud. Many times we get the brilliant blue skies without a cloud on the horizon.

    It was that way today..not a cloud on the horizon. It was a darker blue about 2 hours before I got around to taking these photos.

Friday, August 30, 2019


     My driver's license has come up for renewal. 

     Now here, private businesses look after driver's license renewal. They look after many more things like car license, registering of companies, land title services   just a lot of legal things that the government requires.

    Okay back to my driver's license. Here at a certain age , like eighty, you have to get a medical in order to get your driver's license..  The micro manager had to get on this right away. I would have waited but that's another debate. We went to the registry to get the form for a driver's license medical. Then hurry up and get an appointment for the said medical. 

    Okay it starts here. The receptionist threw my medical form away. She said it's all done electronically. Okay, I'll believe you. So for my examination the Doc gets the medical form on his computer , fills it out, and tells me to stop on the way out and sign it. Fine. They made a copy and gave me the original to take to the registry. Are you counting the mistakes yet.

   I get to the registry and they notice that there's nothing on my old license that said I wear glasses when I drive. So quickly over here to the eye tester machine. So you have a clerk giving you an eye test and not just measuring if you're 20/20. ..the colorblind test, depth perception! You have someone giving you a test that they don't know anything about.

   About that time I was thinking well how many mistakes have to be made before I don't get a license? What goes on with the system?

   The last time I renewed, my address was in another province!

    Well , I was given the standard paper interim license with the real one to follow in a bout 60 days. 

   Am I finished with mistakes yet? I hope so.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


    President Trump's performance at the recent G7 was rather pathetic. 

     He skipped some sessions. In particular sessions on climate change.

    Changes in the agenda were made and he was not prepared and did not cope with the changes.  The Iranian President was brought in. 

    In the final statement on the conference Trump quickly got off the topic and went rambling on about some national politics at home. 

    A number if irrational and incorrect claims were made ...his great friendship with the North Korean leader... the trade war being won by tariffs.

   Now he looked as if he was lacking energy and sleep walking through the conference. The world is going on without him. Sadly he is isolating his own country from the rest of the world.  He seems to think that if he sticks it to countries they will buckle under and agree to his greedy wants. He seems to be blind as to what the consequences could be by taking an isolationist position to international relations.

     The whole world is influenced by poor policy. People struggle . Working together can be and is difficult but it pays benefits. Tariffs are a tremendous waste of effort and assets.

    So it looks like for Trump the term ain't easy bein sleazy would fit his latest actions..


Friday, August 23, 2019


     Those who follow me very much know that I'm a bit of a birder. For those into birds know that a lifer is seeing a bird that you've never seen before.

     I'm not reporting a lifer but something in the bird world that I'd never seen before.

    Many people have told me about seeing a Cooper's hawk that's caught a bird and is sitting on the post ripping the feathers off so that it can be eaten. Well this week I saw that event happen. I didn't see the bird being caught , but Cooper's hawks chase their prey through the trees and catch up to it and seize the bird.  they will also catch squirrels and chipmunks. Cooper's hawks now are found in wooded urban areas. Cooper's hawks are about 16 in long and have a wing span of about 30 in.

    The bird I saw is a juvenile which means that it was hatched last year. They are a very neat clean looking bird with the creamy white and brown plumage.

    These photos were taken through the window.  The first shows the bird on the fence with it's prey. In the second photo I wanted to show the upper markings. The third photo shows that he's caught a house sparrow and the barred under tail parts.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019


     We had three medical appointments this week. Now I know three appointments is nothing compared to what some people have to go through. 
These appointments were the check up kind . 

    However, what gets me is how these three appointments can mess up your week. Everything gets out of sync. Today we we had a two o'clock appointment. We went out for lunch so after lunch we had not enough to to go home and a short time to get something else done. So the Micro Manager had just enough time to buy a card we needed.

    So the dental check up went well. The hearing aid appointment went well.

   So one more to go. This one will be a nuisance. I have an appointment with an ophthalmologist the requires eye dilation.  It means that I can't drive for a few hours. The Micro Manager doesn't drive so that leaves us in a bit of a bind. Meanwhile we're not getting any grocery shopping done.

    Okay , I know this is  very whiny. These are only your regular general check ups. It's not as if there is something wrong and treatment is required. 

    So tell me not to whine about a minor issue. Get on with my life!

Friday, August 16, 2019


This week a very prominent tree in the neighborhood was taken down. It covered three lots and although it was a beautiful tree there was some risk. If part of the tree came down there was a possibility for damage. It spread across fences, two garages and three houses.  Many times this tree was inadvertently in my photo. It could also make a striking photo on it's own. Who could resist the yellow leaves with a bit of early morning sunlight.

     The process of taken the tree down was very technical. Many neighbors watched . This neighbor even took photos so her goes. The tree was over 100 ft high.

    The first day they used ropes and climbed to take off one side.

     The next day they brought in a very large crane.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


     Whenever there is a mass shooting I have to think about guns again.

     The solution seems very simple. However, many things get in the way of sanity.

     I know very little about gun politics and why it becomes so complicated.

    I know that I can't understand why after a mass shooting people make a lot of noise but little or no action is taken. It would seem that anybody in their right mind would not want to see many people shot at one time. Why don't people come up with a solution to prevent mass shootings? This is not a protection issue. We don't need something that fires many rounds rapidly in order to protect ourselves. Why aren't guns used to stop mass shooting?

    One thing that makes it easy to kill many people quickly is to have guns that fire many rounds quickly. Why are people allowed to walk around with guns that fire rapidly?

    The person walking around with a single shot gun isn't going to kill many people. He probably stands a good chance of being shot.

    The point I'm trying to make is that rapid fire guns are extremely dangerous compared to single shots. It would seem that this should be enough to control the type of gun on the street. Come to think of it, maybe it would be the best idea to not have guns on the street. 

    With all the people who are killed in mass shootings, wouldn't it seem reasonable to want to prevent these deaths? 

    Why not get rid of the guns?

Saturday, August 10, 2019


    A few days ago we celebrated a 93rd birthday for the fellow in the chair. 

    He's always been special to us as we all came to the same school about the same time. We were in our 20's and he was early 40's. He took us under his wing in many ways. He knew that most of us were young, lost and struggling. He made us welcome in the school and community. He showed us a lot of ropes. He could teach and he insisted that everyone else do their best and he was always willing to show you. 

    I team taught with him in science. We set up a lab approach to teaching science. We spent a few late nights and weekends developing the program which others borrowed. We had our own definition of team teaching. We had a few other things that were unorthodox. We had our kettle on a Bunsen burner. We always had hot water for instant coffee unless the kettle boiled dry. 

   Seven of us usually gather for a celebration. We are all in our 70's and the birthday boy was 93.

   He lives in a nursing home and is battling with Parkinson's but still enjoys a good visit.

    He was a very good mentor to us but never wants to take credit for what he did,.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


     What's this tree trying to tell me? It's a linden tree right across the street from me. It's too early for fall . Or at least I think it's too early for fall.  But this tree is definitely starting to show fall colors. Other trees in that area are starting to show a change of color.

    So here goes. I might as well like fall colors.

Friday, August 2, 2019


    Every once on a while I have to make a few comments on racism so that I'm thinking about the issue.

   President Trump made it easy to comment on the topic with his recent comments.

   My father was a racist. He was not a man full of hatred for others. He was just ignorant. He was a dummy when it came to racism. He used the n word. He fully used all the Jewish stereotypes. As a result he gave me a good education in racism. He thought white people were at the top on the totem pole. He was most surprised when he met some one who didn't fit this stereotype of what they should be. To him Chinese should run restaurants and do laundry. They should also talk funny and he imitated them. To repeat, my Dad was just ignorant of things. Because I grew up with him I had all of his prejudice. 

    All the people in our small rural district were the same. They strengthened each other's prejudice.

   So in 1957 I finished high school and set out into the big world. I think most people were the same at that time.

    I drifted into teaching aboriginal people with my prejudices firmly attached. We were given some information about different people in our one week orientation but most of the prejudice stayed with me.

    The big bomb shell hit when I went to someone's house and knocked on the door. I could hear them talking inside and they said it was a white man at the door. It struck me like a knife. I'll never forget that instant. I have gradually changed from then on. For two whole years I was called the white man (kabloona). I didn't mind that term. I became used to it.

    Now I'm very picky about what people say. I don't like to hear people joking about issues. 

   It has to go much further than chat. We have to be able to live and work  on a daily basis with other races. 

   Where I live there are many racists and white supremacists.  Much  work needs to be done by society to teach us what racism is and in that way just maybe racism will be come a bit less.

Monday, July 29, 2019


    Never borrow anything from your oldest buddy or you may find that it's so old you wouldn't know what it is. 

    This summer I've had to renovate some of my fence because the city has gone to a cart system to pick up garbage and I didn't have a place to put the carts. It required making four new post holes. I didn't want to rent a post hole digger so I started to think about who might have a post hole digger. Yes our city is small enough that some of us know each other well enough to borrow things. 

   I thought for a while and then it hit me. Mike might have a post hole augur. He has a farm although he never farmed it. So I phoned Mike and yes he had a post hole auger and I was welcome to borrow it.

    So I went over to get the auger and it wasn't what I thought I might be borrowing. I have seen these devices but never used one. I was expecting something that you turn and it bites in the ground and fills up the center . When the center is full you empty it. This process is repeated until you're finished digging the hole. What I saw was something with a lever on the side. The lever operated a cup which was used to get the dirt out of the hole. There was a special shovel to do the digging. So Mike's about ten years older than I am. I should have known that most things he has are from his Dad. Mike's Dad worked on railroad maintenance and also had a farm. Anytime something wasn't needed for maintaining the rail bed it was disposed of. Mike's Dad picked up much of this stuff. So I couldn't very well say I don't want this. 

    I took it home and learned how to use it. So now I have my fence changed and have learned how to dig holes with an antique post hole digger.

Friday, July 26, 2019


    Okay here's the story. One our local Casinos has Wednesday as seniors day. One thing they have is lunch on a two for one. Both people have to have the same dish. It's always Chinese , but you get a big plateful of Chicken chop suey or whatever  else. It changes every week. So we go every Wednesday and for 12 bucks have lunch.

     There's also a draw each day for seniors. I rarely filled out a ticket. I had no idea what the draw was about. I thought it was some kind of gimmick. The Micro Manager would sometimes enter. This Wednesday she asked me to enter but I said no I wouldn't bother. However, she entered my name. 

    The next day the Casino called and asked for me. I wasn't home so the Micro manager asked if she could take the call . Well, yes. She said , "Red won the senior's draw yesterday." The skeptical micro manager thought it was a joke. Well they got the Micro manager cooled down and she found out that I won the Wednesday draw for 500 bucks!!! How  about that folks! I won $500.00!

   Now I started to think if I'd won much before. I know I've won some things but the only thing I can remember is a 2 oz bottle of whiskey! The other things I won were probably small too.

    So it was a fun day.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019


    I usually don't write about personal health issues. It's a topic that can deteriorate into a never ending list of aches and pains.

   Well, this one's different. Oh ya! That's what they all say. 

   Since last September I've been living with a torn rotator cuff.  It hasn't been funny. It just kept getting worse. The pain was acute. Night was the worst. December to April were brutal. Things improved from May and June. I kept getting stiffer to the point that I had difficulty putting on a coat.

    I saw my doc in Nov and he said go to the Internet and find stretching exercises. He also ordered an ultrasound. The ultra sound showed  bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis and a tear. 

    I went to physio in Jan.,  Feb and didn't get any results.

    Finally, my doc suggested  a cortisone shot.

    Well yesterday I had that shot. What a difference! I didn't realize that the pain had taken so much energy away. Energy had been stolen.  I was back to my normal self. Normal energy. I was beginning to think that I had become a very old man!!!

    Now I'm hoping that I'm not speaking too soon. I hope that this lasts for a while. At least until I get my fence built.

Sunday, July 21, 2019


    The Micro Manager had a medical appointment the other day. She takes medical appointments seriously so she wears some better clothes. Now since it is summer she wore sandals...nice gold sandals. 

    The micro manager also likes to combine trips so that she can be more efficient.

    The second call was to a metal recycling business . In other words a junk yard that buys metal. She had some copper pipe and other metal that she wanted to sell. 

   I think you can see now a recipe for trouble. 

  She had phoned ahead to find the address of the place and what metals they would take and what money would be paid for them. 

   The area we went to is industrial . We had to park on the road. There were big semis idling on both sides. We couldn't get to the business parking area. She had her stuff out of the car and was going to tip toe through the semis when somebody stopped her and told here that she was at the wrong place . With the crummy location and to find out it was wrong she lost it. The poor kid who stopped her in order to help her caught it. 

    Well the Micro Manage had to get back in the car with her pipe and drive 300 m to another site which had the same address. This site was dirtier and messier. There was all kinds of mud. So the micro manager is tip toeing around in the junk yard. I had runners and I wasn't too happy being in the place with runners. There were wet spots with unidentified liquid. There were all kinds of metal shards. 

   Well she sold her pipe, got $11.00 and got out. 

   I imagine that some of the people there had a smile when they saw somebody in her gold sandals bringing in metal to sell.

    Maybe next time she will think about what her next call would be like! Or maybe next time she will let me throw it in the garbage.

    Maybe next time I'll take my camera to document her distress.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


    July 20 will be a very important anniversary date. It's the day man first landed on the moon.

    So sometimes we remember and event because of another event. I remember where I was when I was told that John Kennedy was shot.

    Now I have only a mild interest in space. At the beginning of the space age I did pay attention as it was very new. It seemed to happen without announcement that Sputnik took it's first flight.

    I was paying more attention than usually with the first moon landing. I was trapped in a car.

    I was driving from Montreal Que. to Saskatoon Sask. On July 20 , 1969.  I was driving  through northern Ontario and listening to the car radio. Of course , I was listening to the moon landing. The closer they  got to the moon the more excited I became. It was a thrilling story with lots of tension and it was live. I turned the radio up louder. About the time they were ready to touch down radio reception went out. Damn!

    Being in a remote part of northern Ontario on the north side of Lake Superior, radio reception was poor because it is  far from any broadcasting station.

   I had to wait until I picked up the station again to find out if they landed safely.

   So my memory of the lunar landing is a non memory.

   I imagine most people were glued to their television set to watch the landing. 

   It seems like only yesterday that they landed on the moon.

Sunday, July 14, 2019


   I live in an area that is known as hailstorm alley. That is we get a higher than average number of hailstorms in a summer.

   Thunder storms come off the Rockies and hail is formed along the way so that by the time it gets to a rough line between Calgary and Red Deer , hail has formed in the cloud.

    Hail damage is so severe in this area that hail suppression projects have been developed. Airplanes fly into the tops of the storms before the get too big and spread silver iodide into the tops of the clouds at a rate of 10 grams per minute and dangerous hail doesn't form quite so often. Hail insurance companies pay for this project as it prevents some of the huge losses that insurance companies have to pay because of hail damage.

    This afternoon when I was out I saw a number of thunderstorms form. I also heard the airplanes flying from the top of one cloud to the top of the other. The planes and pilots are suited for flying on top of thunderstorms. You hear airplanes but don't see them except for today as I saw them.

    So this afternoon I watched thunderstorms form. It was difficult to photograph and it was very bright. I did get some cloud photos.

    Now I did get a couple of aircraft photos. This is the first time I've ever seen the planes.

    So no cropping on these photos. These shots were taken blind . I just pointed and hoped I'd get something.

Monday, July 8, 2019


     Do you ever get frazzled? What frazzles you? How do you manage being frazzled?

     Well today was a frazzling good day around here.

     I must note that some people handle these stresses much differently than others.

     The Micro Manager had very carefully arranged to have her new dishwasher delivered today. They were to phone her before they delivered. She got up at 6:00 AM to prepare the house for this delivery. She really thought she'd get a phone call a few minutes after 8. Well, no call at 8. No call at 9. What should she do. Finally she phoned the store at 9:30 AM only to find out that somehow or other her dishwasher had been taken off the delivery list. Well, that would make anybody mad. The store said they'd see what could be done.

    About the same time the hearing aide place called and wanted to change my appointment for tomorrow just after we told the appliance store that we had an appointment tomorrow and couldn't take delivery of the dishwasher tomorrow.

    The Micro Manager decided to phone our Credit Union as I'd read in the paper that it was closing. They were very unimpressive. We were supposed to get a letter and a phone call about the closing and we had received nothing. To top it all of the two people she talked to were underwhelming. They didn't seem to get it that this was an important matter to us.

    Just before lunch the appliance store phoned and said they could deliver about 1:00 PM. By this time the Micro manager was right off her game. She had reasons to be upset. 

     Needless to say , the Micro Manager was frazzled. 

    Tomorrow is anther day. Nothing is on the agenda here. I wonder what could sail in from way out there?

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


     Never forget to put the coffee pot on the coffee maker. I know it's happened to many people but when it happens to me it's a disaster.

    When I get breakfast I tend to be on automatic pilot of on a strict routine. I like to have my mind cleared to think about other things rather than making breakfast. So if the routine breaks down it can be a problem.

   In my breakfast routine the first thing I do is put the coffee on. The coffee is ready by the time I'm ready for toast and coffee. If you're not careful water spills on the counter when you're filling the coffee maker. So you wipe up the water before turning on the coffee maker. 

    Well some how or other I put the coffee pot on the counter instead of in the coffee maker. 

     I made my breakfast and was nearly finished eating when I noticed a big brown puddle on the counter. Oh yes. I got up quickly. I turned off the coffee maker and started frantically wiping up coffee. It seems like everything I did things got worse. When the pot isn't in the machine, the little valve that lets the coffee go to the pot isn't open. The filter basket fills with water. The coffee grounds float to the top and then coffee starts to overflow from the basket. The coffee slowly and silently spills onto the counter before you notice it. I thought I'd move the coffee maker to the sink. I didn't know what was going on so things really started to flow and I had a big mess on the way to the sink as well as on the counter.

     Well, after many paper towels and dish cloths I finally got things wiped up. It seems like coffee grounds are left all over the place. 

    So it's time to check my routine to see that the coffee pot gets to where it's supposed to go.

    Hey, no damage to the coffee pot!


Sunday, June 30, 2019


     Tomorrow is Canada's birthday and we will be 152 years old.

      Now you're going to get a little history and geography lesson whether you want it or not.

     At one time this day was called dominion day signifying that we were part of the British Empire. Now we call it Canada Day

    When Canada was formed it was made up of 4 provinces...Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Ontario and Quebec were less than half the size they are now. Manitoba joined in 1870, British Columbia in 1871, Prince Edward Island in 1873, Alberta and Saskatchewan in 1905 and Newfoundland in 1949. So it took us a long time to get to where we are now as far as territory is concerned. We still have three large areas that are territories. 

    It also took a long time for us to gain full independence. England controlled the final say in courts and enactments of laws until 1831. 

    So here we are, a relatively young country . We've taken a long time to get here . We've made a few mistakes along the way but have set up many very good things to make it a good country to live in.

    So Happy Birthday Canada!

Friday, June 28, 2019


     We have been deluding ourselves about the tooth fairy for generations. As children the tooth fairy game was played with us. We told our own children about the tooth fairy. It was a pleasant activity.

     Well, yesterday I did find a real tooth fairy. The tooth fairy gave me a gift card to Tim Horton's!

     Okay, here's how it worked.

     Yesterday, I had my annual dental checkup and teeth cleaning. I've had the same wonderful dentist for a long time. He's pleasant, friendly, laid back, takes time  and does excellent work. At each appointment he will start out with a pleasant chat. He knows about your life and wants to know more. He asks if I'm still riding? Am I still skating? So I have one of the nicest people to be a dentist.

    Yesterday after a brief chat he gave me a Tim Horton's gift card. It was out of the blue and I was a bit stunned and didn't know what was going on. He called it Thursday throw back and because I have been a long time patient I got a gift card. I started at his clinic in 1970 before he came to the clinic. I'm not sure how long Glen has been my dentist. Last year we got chatting about a procedure I had a long time ago. He got the idea to look it up in the records. So for 10 minutes he went back in my records with me. He got a big chuckle about the prices charged.

    My wife and two children have had him as a dentist. 

    So folks, you see, there is a tooth fairy. He's my dentist.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


   I posted two bird stories recently.

   First I had black-capped chickadees cleaning out a hole in the big stump in my yard. They worked for three weeks and then suddenly the chickadees were gone and two red-breasted nuthatches worked on the hole.

    The nuthatches nested. First, I watched the male come and go with food. Then both adults carried food.

   I wanted to get photos of the little guys. I tried. I waited at the stump. They would not poke their heads out while I was near. I knew they were close to fledging.

   This morning when I looked out something seemed different. There were no parents going back and forth. I have to assume that the little guys fledged and are somewhere else in the neighborhood.

Sunday, June 23, 2019


     Far Side from Far side of Fifty her family are going through a stressful time right now. Far Guy is slated for a lung transplant.

     I know the yellow lady slipper is one of far Sides favorite flowers so here's a bouquet by photo. I also have one of Far side's carved yellow lady slippers which I won in a draw.