Wednesday, July 17, 2019


    July 20 will be a very important anniversary date. It's the day man first landed on the moon.

    So sometimes we remember and event because of another event. I remember where I was when I was told that John Kennedy was shot.

    Now I have only a mild interest in space. At the beginning of the space age I did pay attention as it was very new. It seemed to happen without announcement that Sputnik took it's first flight.

    I was paying more attention than usually with the first moon landing. I was trapped in a car.

    I was driving from Montreal Que. to Saskatoon Sask. On July 20 , 1969.  I was driving  through northern Ontario and listening to the car radio. Of course , I was listening to the moon landing. The closer they  got to the moon the more excited I became. It was a thrilling story with lots of tension and it was live. I turned the radio up louder. About the time they were ready to touch down radio reception went out. Damn!

    Being in a remote part of northern Ontario on the north side of Lake Superior, radio reception was poor because it is  far from any broadcasting station.

   I had to wait until I picked up the station again to find out if they landed safely.

   So my memory of the lunar landing is a non memory.

   I imagine most people were glued to their television set to watch the landing. 

   It seems like only yesterday that they landed on the moon.

Sunday, July 14, 2019


   I live in an area that is known as hailstorm alley. That is we get a higher than average number of hailstorms in a summer.

   Thunder storms come off the Rockies and hail is formed along the way so that by the time it gets to a rough line between Calgary and Red Deer , hail has formed in the cloud.

    Hail damage is so severe in this area that hail suppression projects have been developed. Airplanes fly into the tops of the storms before the get too big and spread silver iodide into the tops of the clouds at a rate of 10 grams per minute and dangerous hail doesn't form quite so often. Hail insurance companies pay for this project as it prevents some of the huge losses that insurance companies have to pay because of hail damage.

    This afternoon when I was out I saw a number of thunderstorms form. I also heard the airplanes flying from the top of one cloud to the top of the other. The planes and pilots are suited for flying on top of thunderstorms. You hear airplanes but don't see them except for today as I saw them.

    So this afternoon I watched thunderstorms form. It was difficult to photograph and it was very bright. I did get some cloud photos.

    Now I did get a couple of aircraft photos. This is the first time I've ever seen the planes.

    So no cropping on these photos. These shots were taken blind . I just pointed and hoped I'd get something.

Monday, July 8, 2019


     Do you ever get frazzled? What frazzles you? How do you manage being frazzled?

     Well today was a frazzling good day around here.

     I must note that some people handle these stresses much differently than others.

     The Micro Manager had very carefully arranged to have her new dishwasher delivered today. They were to phone her before they delivered. She got up at 6:00 AM to prepare the house for this delivery. She really thought she'd get a phone call a few minutes after 8. Well, no call at 8. No call at 9. What should she do. Finally she phoned the store at 9:30 AM only to find out that somehow or other her dishwasher had been taken off the delivery list. Well, that would make anybody mad. The store said they'd see what could be done.

    About the same time the hearing aide place called and wanted to change my appointment for tomorrow just after we told the appliance store that we had an appointment tomorrow and couldn't take delivery of the dishwasher tomorrow.

    The Micro Manager decided to phone our Credit Union as I'd read in the paper that it was closing. They were very unimpressive. We were supposed to get a letter and a phone call about the closing and we had received nothing. To top it all of the two people she talked to were underwhelming. They didn't seem to get it that this was an important matter to us.

    Just before lunch the appliance store phoned and said they could deliver about 1:00 PM. By this time the Micro manager was right off her game. She had reasons to be upset. 

     Needless to say , the Micro Manager was frazzled. 

    Tomorrow is anther day. Nothing is on the agenda here. I wonder what could sail in from way out there?

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


     Never forget to put the coffee pot on the coffee maker. I know it's happened to many people but when it happens to me it's a disaster.

    When I get breakfast I tend to be on automatic pilot of on a strict routine. I like to have my mind cleared to think about other things rather than making breakfast. So if the routine breaks down it can be a problem.

   In my breakfast routine the first thing I do is put the coffee on. The coffee is ready by the time I'm ready for toast and coffee. If you're not careful water spills on the counter when you're filling the coffee maker. So you wipe up the water before turning on the coffee maker. 

    Well some how or other I put the coffee pot on the counter instead of in the coffee maker. 

     I made my breakfast and was nearly finished eating when I noticed a big brown puddle on the counter. Oh yes. I got up quickly. I turned off the coffee maker and started frantically wiping up coffee. It seems like everything I did things got worse. When the pot isn't in the machine, the little valve that lets the coffee go to the pot isn't open. The filter basket fills with water. The coffee grounds float to the top and then coffee starts to overflow from the basket. The coffee slowly and silently spills onto the counter before you notice it. I thought I'd move the coffee maker to the sink. I didn't know what was going on so things really started to flow and I had a big mess on the way to the sink as well as on the counter.

     Well, after many paper towels and dish cloths I finally got things wiped up. It seems like coffee grounds are left all over the place. 

    So it's time to check my routine to see that the coffee pot gets to where it's supposed to go.

    Hey, no damage to the coffee pot!


Sunday, June 30, 2019


     Tomorrow is Canada's birthday and we will be 152 years old.

      Now you're going to get a little history and geography lesson whether you want it or not.

     At one time this day was called dominion day signifying that we were part of the British Empire. Now we call it Canada Day

    When Canada was formed it was made up of 4 provinces...Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Ontario and Quebec were less than half the size they are now. Manitoba joined in 1870, British Columbia in 1871, Prince Edward Island in 1873, Alberta and Saskatchewan in 1905 and Newfoundland in 1949. So it took us a long time to get to where we are now as far as territory is concerned. We still have three large areas that are territories. 

    It also took a long time for us to gain full independence. England controlled the final say in courts and enactments of laws until 1831. 

    So here we are, a relatively young country . We've taken a long time to get here . We've made a few mistakes along the way but have set up many very good things to make it a good country to live in.

    So Happy Birthday Canada!

Friday, June 28, 2019


     We have been deluding ourselves about the tooth fairy for generations. As children the tooth fairy game was played with us. We told our own children about the tooth fairy. It was a pleasant activity.

     Well, yesterday I did find a real tooth fairy. The tooth fairy gave me a gift card to Tim Horton's!

     Okay, here's how it worked.

     Yesterday, I had my annual dental checkup and teeth cleaning. I've had the same wonderful dentist for a long time. He's pleasant, friendly, laid back, takes time  and does excellent work. At each appointment he will start out with a pleasant chat. He knows about your life and wants to know more. He asks if I'm still riding? Am I still skating? So I have one of the nicest people to be a dentist.

    Yesterday after a brief chat he gave me a Tim Horton's gift card. It was out of the blue and I was a bit stunned and didn't know what was going on. He called it Thursday throw back and because I have been a long time patient I got a gift card. I started at his clinic in 1970 before he came to the clinic. I'm not sure how long Glen has been my dentist. Last year we got chatting about a procedure I had a long time ago. He got the idea to look it up in the records. So for 10 minutes he went back in my records with me. He got a big chuckle about the prices charged.

    My wife and two children have had him as a dentist. 

    So folks, you see, there is a tooth fairy. He's my dentist.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


   I posted two bird stories recently.

   First I had black-capped chickadees cleaning out a hole in the big stump in my yard. They worked for three weeks and then suddenly the chickadees were gone and two red-breasted nuthatches worked on the hole.

    The nuthatches nested. First, I watched the male come and go with food. Then both adults carried food.

   I wanted to get photos of the little guys. I tried. I waited at the stump. They would not poke their heads out while I was near. I knew they were close to fledging.

   This morning when I looked out something seemed different. There were no parents going back and forth. I have to assume that the little guys fledged and are somewhere else in the neighborhood.

Sunday, June 23, 2019


     Far Side from Far side of Fifty her family are going through a stressful time right now. Far Guy is slated for a lung transplant.

     I know the yellow lady slipper is one of far Sides favorite flowers so here's a bouquet by photo. I also have one of Far side's carved yellow lady slippers which I won in a draw.

Friday, June 21, 2019


     Yes, I know I already did a post on my new hearing aides, but you're going to have to put up with another story.

    There have been some surprises with the hearing aides. Some things I haven't heard for a long time and now I hear them.

   Usually when we finish lunch I get up right away and do the dishes. Well, the other day the Micro Manager had something to do before I could do the dishes. 

   I decided to lie down for a few minutes until I could do the dishes. Well, often the Micro Manager takes more time so I drifted off to sleep. Now I don't nap very often but when I do nap it's 15 to 20 minutes and then I'm wide awake and good to go.

   The other day I kept waking up from my nap. It was very disturbing that I was being woken up. I would wake up because I could hear a noise. 

    Yes, you guessed it. When I started to snore , I heard the noise and woke up. I won't be able to say , "I don't snore." anymore.

    ...and I learned that I can't sleep with my hearing aides on!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


     On Father's day I found that a number of bloggers wrote very elegant tributes to their Dad's.  Some tributes were written about Dads who've been gone a long time. Some posts were written about or, to Dads who where were still living. In other cases , wives took the opportunity to write some very good things about a husband and what a good Dad he is. I enjoyed all these posts.

    However, I look at my own experience with Father's day and there has not been a very significant celebration.

   As children , I cannot remember any experience with Father's day at home. I remember making some sort of card at school. Father's day was just not a big issue. My Dad's family were German pioneers and I don't think they had such a thing as Father's day. My mother came from an English family and I don't think they celebrated and any special days. 

    So when did Father's day begin. That's maybe why my folks did little for Father's day.

    It's thought that Father's Day may have come from Pagan customs. In modern times Father's day was started in the U.S. about 1910. So it was probably quite some time before Father's day caught on in Canada.

    In my own family I don't remember anything special on father's day. So both my kids sent me greetings for Father's day. My daughter in law sent me a greeting and a neighbor sent me greetings. I am happy.

    What are your Father's day celebrations like?

Saturday, June 15, 2019


   A while ago I wrote about getting a pair of hearing aides. I didn't tell you that I took them back. Most hearing aid places have a policy that you try the hearing aid for a period of time...some up to 90 days. After about three weeks I decided not to buy the set of hearing aides. The customer service at the business was absolutely terrible. Then I decided that the hearing aides were junk and service would be hard to come by. 

    So because we were busy it took a while to get back on the hearing aide trail. We finally decided to try Connect Hearing. What a great business! They gave information that you could understand. They tried very hard to give you the best experience possible. I now have hearing aides to try for 12 days. I know already that I will buy them. The first time I went out in the yard I heard chipping sparrows. The sparrows have been there all the time. I just couldn't hear them.

    The hearing aides I'm getting will cost much more money. They are from a highly rated brand.

    Now the previous hearing aides were from Costco. They have a very good price for their brand. I believe Costco gets all the old brands that haven't sold and puts their name on them. The hearing aides you buy are not the latest models. You are getting an older technology.

    Things are changing very quickly with technology . It's important to get the latest.

    I have a second level hearing aide. It will cut out some of the back ground noise. But it doesn't have all the bells and whistles to let you adjust TV volume and phones. I don't watch TV and I don't have a phone so I don't need those features.

    So if you're buying hearing aides , do your home work. There's a tremendous difference out there. Each hearing aid business has a different gimmick. As usual , some professionals are much better than others so look around until you're satisfied.

Thursday, June 13, 2019


   In my last post, that was too long ago, I wrote about a serious snow storm that we had.

    Now six days later we had a high temp of 30 C (88 F)! That's what it's like here...extremes. I'm tearing down my fence and worked the whole afternoon which wasn't a good plan.

   Today about 3:30 Pm we had a very heavy thunderstorm. There were very high winds. The rain was blown like snow. Our intersection flooded like it always does. We probably had about one inch of rain. We needed the moisture as it's very dry here.

    So anybody want to guess what might happen in the next six days.

Friday, June 7, 2019


   Just to let you know that in Red Deer Alberta we had snow today!!! Yes, it snowed for about two hours this morning. At one time there was about 2 cm on the ground. It's rained all day...just what we need. It's very dry here.

    There was much more snow in the Rocky Mountains. At higher elevations there was lots of snow.

Monday, June 3, 2019


   I took my bird watching group to Ellis Bird farm Sat morning. This is an excellent birding site as many things have been implemented to attract birds  and they do it well.

    My birders spotted 27 species  in a little over 2 hours. The biggie was to see a great horned owl and her babes. They are just about ready to leave the  area. It's the first owl I've been able to show my birders. I take them at the wrong time to see owls...10:00 to 12:00 noon.

    So here's some of this beautiful facility.

     This facility uses an original farmstead as it's base. Here's the original home now used as a tea room.

     We can grow tulips.

One of the many ponds
    She has a large purple martin population

   Much of the original farmstead has been kept. Here is the original barnyard.

     Many places have hundreds of nest boxes. They've been used as fund raisers.
     I usually don't carry a camera. Many of our birders got some great photos. I've taken the liberty to steal some. The first and third shots are from Lynette. The middle one is from Jurgan

Image may contain: bird, tree, plant and outdoor

Image may contain: bird and tree

Image may contain: bird, tree, plant, sky and outdoor

Thursday, May 30, 2019


     In my last post I had my photo with a large lake trout that I had caught. I've used this photo before to illustrate my northern experience. A lot went on before I caught the big fish.

      The 24 year old kid having a good time.

     I was hired by the Government of Canada to Teach in Canada's North land in 1963. The Canadian government took over the education system in the early 1950's. They ran things in a very regimented government fashion. In fact at that time a large percentage of the employees were vets.

     So I was required to take an oath to officially make me a civil servant. The next step shows more government organization. As teachers we were given only two weeks of vacation time and the other six weeks that schools were out we were given some kind of employment. The whole thing was kind of a joke.

     I looked forward to this experience. I got a position with stores. I learned a few things about how goods are kept track of from time of ordering to usage. I leaned about purchase orders and a few more standard procedures. It was all dull and boring. I had to put the forms together and file them.

    After a few weeks the stores manager got the bright idea to send me out to the settlements (Really small places) and check the freight that came off the barges. I don't know if the manager didn't like me and just wanted to get rid of me but it as another great experience. During my time out no barges arrived so I had no freight to check. Now I did have plenty of time to fish and that's how I got my big fish. The place I fished was Fort Franklin on Great Bear lake. Look it up. It's hard to believe where I was.I went to three different places and missed the barges. I flew thousands of miles and saw much beautiful countryside.

    After I got back to Inuvik I went south for my two weeks holiday.

    Now arrangements could be made so that you didn't have to work. If you took a summer school class you could get out for the regular two months. The next year I did take a summer school class. The year after that they ended the goofy thing of two weeks holiday and we had the regular two months off.

    Now I often wonder what happened to the oath I made to become a civil servant!!!

Monday, May 27, 2019


     I've said  many times that I've lived in the best of times as far as the economy and opportunity for employment is concerned. I was always paid well and had a good choice when it came to finding employment. I applied for one position that I really wanted and didn't get. I wanted to go with CUSO but didn't get accepted.

    Now I was fortunate to be in a large school for most of my time and was given different assignments which made the career interesting.  I was asked to teach industrial Arts once. That would have been way out of my comfort zone. I was also asked to teach music once and that would have been sad. I'm not in the least musical. The guy who offered me that job had not done his homework.

   Now this was teaching! I was on Great Bear Lake and got a chance to do some fishing. This is a 34 pound lake trout. At the time teachers did not get a summer off . We got a two week holiday. However, the pay was very good.

    However, there is one position that I turned down and I have always regretted it. I was very active in the Alberta Teachers Association (ATA) . I was familiar with staff officers. 

    A new president took over. She did not like flying in small planes . She was not comfortable in northern situations. She knew that I had much northern experience and was familiar flying in small planes.  She asked me if I would do her appearances in the northern part of Alberta. I turned it down very quickly . It would have meant being away from home for quite a bit of time. It would have meant extra work as I would have to make sub plans and sometimes I would get home very late and have to teach the next day. I also felt that the northern people deserved to have the president visit them. 

     So at the time it was easy to not accept the position. Over the years I've continued the think that it would have been a very interesting position. Bonnie was president for her two year term and then my job would have been over. I have regrets about not taking the job but I know it was the right thing to do.

    So have you had to turn down a very interesting opportunity?

Thursday, May 23, 2019


   Here are a few photos to show that spring is still on the way. We've had two weeks of cool weather...highs of around 10 C (50 F) or less. We also had light frosts many nights. Plants develop very slowly under these conditions. The last two days we've had highs of 20 C (70 F). Things start to move quickly. Very few tree species have leafed out.

The Nanking cherry is almost finished blooming

 The peony has grown about a foot in two days

 The bleeding heart has some early blooms
 These two photos show the same tree almost 2 months apart.

Monday, May 20, 2019


    Many things that you buy today push the fact that they have a help center you can contact if you need any assistance with the product you just purchased. Tech products use this line to promote their products.

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my printer wouldn't work. I delayed doing anything about it for a couple of weeks. Then I checked to see if there was anything obvious that I could fix. Then I checked my product information. These two things did not help. I have a small Brother printer which I like.

    After looking for a phone number I ran across a live chat site offering help. I hate live chat when it's email and all conversion has to be typed.

    Well what could I do. It was the only option I had. I had discovered that my computer did not have my printer as an option to choose. So I thought that because I had a good idea what was wrong that it would be easy to fix by using Live Chat. 

   I got on Wed morning with Aya. He had me reprogram my wireless even after I told him that when I checked the connection was termed OK. The next two things I couldn't follow so He got on my computer and put my printer  on the list. He also left updated driver being downloaded. I asked if he was sure that this would work and ,"Oh yes . It'll print." Later in the day I checked the printer and you guessed it! It wouldn't print.

    So Thur I was right back on live chat with Christine. She seemed to know what she was doing but she had me do the same thing over again. Her excuse was that she wanted to check the connection. I did a test page and it printed. So I was really happy! I've got my printer back again I thought!

   Well later in the day I tried to print the document I wanted and you guessed it , it didn't print.

   Well since I thought I knew what was wrong I decided to look around.

   The first thing I bungled in to was choice of printer. My printer was not the choice. There was a drop down menu that I clicked on and voila there was my printer. I clicked on it and went back to the print page. I tried printing the document and hey it printed.

    So I'm not very pleased with the help center. Next time I will risk trying some options before I look for help. Does this sound familiar to anybody?

Friday, May 17, 2019


      This is  long weekend for us. It's   had a few changes along the way. 

    Originally this was a week end to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday. For a while it was celebrated on the exact date of Queen Victoria's birthday.

    After Queen Victoria died it became the time to celebrate the reigning monarch's birthday. That was a bit of a stretch as monarch's kept changing.  It's still the day to celebrate the present monarch's birthday. However, nothing happens in any way as a celebration of the birthday.

    Now the name has changed unofficially a bit. Many people just call it the May long weekend. In some places it's called a may two four  referencing a case of beer. It's the first long weekend of the season so most people look at it as an opportunity to get out and have fun

   The actual day has been mandated as the Monday before May 25.

   Most people look forward to this weekend as the first camping holiday of the season. Now here's where the water gets muddy. This is still early in the season so in many cases the weather is very poor. I've camped in the snow a few times on this weekend until I gave up trying to camp. 

   It can be awesome weather. The first time the Micro Manager and I camped on this weekend was 1967 and it was awesome weather. However, we were the only people in the campground. We rented a canoe and paddled all day on the lake.

   The present weather is very dull. We're supposed to get some rain and towards the Rocky Mountains it's supposed to snow.

    What am I doing this long week end? Well, of course , I'm staying home! 

    For those Canadians who've gone out camping , have a fun week end.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


     I didn't know what to expect when I opened up the last post to questions. I enjoyed the questions and most could be answered with a reply. However, Tabor from  Room Without Walls had a question that was  a little broader and to do justice to it I thought an extra post would be necessary. Other questions touched on similar ideas.  Tabor's question was "I want to know more about grandma and grandpa. Where they came from, how the got the farm and what their backgrounds were."


    I have to take you back to the late 1700's. Many German people were brought to the Ukraine and Poland to farm. This area needed more food produced and they wanted the resident population to learn better farming methods. Each family was given about 40 acres to farm. This was an attractive offer as land was becoming scarce in Germany.  Russia also offered these people something they were very passionate about. Most of these people were Lutheran and Mennonites. They were promised that they could keep the German language, practice their faith and not have to serve in the army as both groups were pacifists.

     So this sounded like a good set up for everybody.

      However , as time went on things gradually changed. Men had to serve some time in the army. It was more difficult to keep the German language.  Another problem was that since they gave away land at the beginning, later on there was not land for more farmers.

     Gradually things became more intolerable and they began to look for other opportunities. Canada was a great option. They would be given 160 acres of land.

    So many German Lutherans and Mennonites came to western Canada.

    They worked hard and helped each other to get money to travel to Canada. The majority of these people came to Canada about 1900.

    My Grandpa was not a farmer on Poland. He couldn't get any land so he was the night watchman in the village.

   My Great Grandpa brought all seven of his adult children and they set up farming. For many of the first years it was subsistance farming. They grew enough food to feed themselves. Later on they were able to borrow money and buy machinery and build buildings.

  So by the mid 40's Grandma and Grandpa were at an age for retirement. Grandpa was 80!

   I remember Grandpa in our home. We talked a mile a minute. Later on my uncle told me that Grandpa never learned to speak English? Us kids spoke English and Grandpa spoke German and we didn't know the difference.

Saturday, May 11, 2019


    Kids are notorious for not having much detail in their writing. So instead of harping at them I would show them a piece of my writing and ask them what else they would like to know about it. They all had an opportunity to ask something and I could say "Well, that's a good idea " or "Why didn't I think of that?"

     So here's a piece I wrote and what the kids asked. I can't find where I rewrote this so the lesson ended here.

   When my brother Myrven and I were very young, possibly 4 or 5 , we went to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days. in the summer.We were both terribly active little boys We were into everything. We ran through all parts of the house. We went through all the buildings in the farmyard.  We went over all the farm machinery and moved all parts that would move. We ran over Grandpa's wood pile and that was really a no no as Grandpa's woodpile was piled very neatly with not one stick of wood out of place.

    Here we are at about the age in the writing.

    Of course, we tended to get very dirty after a day of these activities and were always totally exhausted at night and went to sleep instantly.
      One day we saw Grandpa calling us and he had a rather large new tree branch in his hand. We were both totally terrified as our father would often find a switch from a tree branch to give us a spanking. We also couldn't believe that our extremely nice Grandpa would ever give us a spanking. We slowly walked over to Grandpa. Grandpa wasn't mad. He sat us down and stated to cut up the branches with his knife. Grandpa made two whistles from the tree branch and as you guessed it two little boys were absolutely thrilled with whistles created from a tree branch
     Now I wonder if Grandpa knew what was going through our minds as he called us?

     Grandma and Grandpa a couple of years after we visited them

   Now here are the questions
    Kyle_ liked the ending
    Brock - Where farm?
    Jer - Is Grandpa living?
    Jag_ Tell more on family
    Jas-   Details about making whistle
    Randie- Dirt- lecture
    Jeff- Grandpa's name
    Brett - describe farmyard
    Luke- Animals
    Curtis- How got to the farm?
    Billy - Explain excitement

   So since the kids go t to ask questions , my readers can ask questions. It will be interesting to see the differences.

Thursday, May 9, 2019


    Today I took some time to get some photos of the nuthatches that are working on a cavity.

     If one has patience to sit and wait you'll get some good photos. I'm not very patient.

    You will have to click on these photos for the best image.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


    Four or five posts ago I wrote about chickadees  building a nest in my yard. I described a nest I'd watched before and how the couples changed.

    Well the couples have changed here. Yesterday I noticed a pair of nuthatches working on the nest hole.

    Now I didn't get any photos. You'll just have to believe me. I think this is one topic that will see small updates.

Saturday, May 4, 2019


     When I found this poem I could not remember writing it. It must have been a writing exercise I did with the kids, It looks like I picked a poem and followed it's pattern to make my poem.  I think I had a magazine that had a section called With My foot in my Mouth.

     I did figure out that I was writing about my principal who was a humorous, popular guy.

    Now the poem is pretty dumb. It's a nonsense poem. This is a first draft so it's pretty rough.

    So read it and enjoy. As always the old teacher you can ask questions.

    To you my principal
     It's time to say,
     I like your style
     You work all day

     I hear your jokes
     That always flow,
     About the teachers
     Who are too slow.

     But even though
     Your jokes are dumb,
     You never try 
      A tune to hum.

The poet on a spirit day that had a Hawaiian theme.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019


     This being spring time and that means spring cleaning in the Micro Manager's head, I was directed to clean out three old drawers.  She declared the drawers a disaster because of my inefficiency. Some years ago she had organized everything in the drawers into boxes. Now when people put things away for me, those things are lost forever. Put all my money in a special place and I will never ever find it. 

    Well the drawers weren't really that bad. 

    I found quite a few manila tag folders and  I said "Oh ya. I know what's in this." I found quite an extensive family tree that I had made up on my Mom's side of the family. I had completely forgotten that I'd done the family tree. I even had my auntie go through it and add things. I started making the same family tree once I got

   What really caught my eye was a tremendous amount of writing I had done. I did know that the writing was there. What surprised me was how much writing was there.

    I taught Middle School language arts. When I gave the kids any kind of writing assignment , I did the same assignment along with them. Many times I did my writing on the chalk board or overhead. There were literally dozens of pieces of writing. They were on old writing tablets , graph paper and old yellow scratch pads...what ever was handy on my desk for me to pick up.

    Some of the same topics I've used for blog posts, not realizing I had written them before.

   We did more sharing with writing. Kids would pick a buddy and share their writing. Kids would read their piece to the class. Kids would edit and correct what I wrote. 
    We would usually start out by making a list like your uncles. We'd narrow the list down to one uncle that they would write about.

    Other assignments were responses from fiction. For example,  what did this character teach you.

    Some of the writing was done in workshops I attended.

    I even found a poem or two that I had written. Oh yes, I had kids write poetry.

   Well it took me a long time to go through that material. Did I throw much away? Nope!

   So stuff has gone away again. I find it easier to remember stuff if I put it away.

   I think I'll find some of these pieces to share with you.

Monday, April 29, 2019


     Sometimes my face book friends turn out to be much different from what I think. I've had two friends who I knew a long time ago turn out to be complete wackos...racist, anti LGBTQ, white supremacist

     I accepted a friend a couple of years ago who I haven't seen for about 25 years. I taught with the guy but not in the same school. He taught my kids and I taught his kids. We went to the same church. We were both on the executive of our teacher group. We knew each other very well.

   Now he had a big ego which could be ignored. He was lazy. He was opinionated.

    Now nothing prepared me for what I would see on his face book page. For a few days he will have ten to fifteen racist posts as in we will get Islamic law. Then he doesn't post for a week. Then you see something about white people and how wonderful the are. Then a political post where information is completely twisted. He gets all of these posts from a wacky source that turns them out.

    Now I don't wish to see any of this stuff. Yes, I know...unfriend him.

    But I wonder what makes people turn to the extremes of politics and life. What has happened to them?

    However, before I unfriend him I would like him to get the message that many don't like the garbage he posts. I don't think we should let these people spout off and go on and feel as if people agree with them. We have to express our disagreement to negative , hateful, untruthful twisted ideas.

Saturday, April 27, 2019


    I should not have posted my last post about our spring season progressing. What did I get today?  Well, snow and lots of it. It snowed all day...heavy wet stuff. We ended up with about 10 cm (4 in).

    Now I know better than to brag a little about good weather. Too many times it can turn ugly in a hurry.

    So here's what it looks like today.

     Spruce trees loaded with snow

Snow covered stuff in my back yard

    The lonely snow covered chair. John from John's Island wanted to know what was here

    John from John's Island wanted to know about the wall or fence. Now he can see two different views of the fence within three days. 
A view through the heavy blowing snow.

Snow and spruce trees blowing and a little movement from the elderly photographer.