Wednesday, May 20, 2009


     The other day I was looking out my window to the backyard when a magpie landed and pulled up a big fat dew worm . Now I thought what a good fellow . I don't like dew worms and would like to get rid of them . The magpie took two bites out of the dew worm and then a crow landed and scared the magpie away . The crow took a few bites of the dew worm and left . Now, crows and magpies are quite often called thieves and robbers and I had just witnessed a crime .

     Later on I was walking by the school yard and heard a tremendous squawk and noticed a seagull in distress . The disruption was caused by a crow hanging on to a feather in the sea gull's wing. The seagull went round and round trying to get loose and the crow hung on tightly . The crow finally let go and the seagull left . I suppose the seagull had found a tasty morsel and the crow noticed and moved in .

     Another robbery!

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