Saturday, August 7, 2010


          Every once in a while we find ourselves in a challenging predicament. Today was my day to be caught in a bind.

          My back door lock decided that this was the last day it wanted to serve me. My back door is on the side of my house so most of the time if I sit or work in my back yard I lock the door for security. This afternoon when I went to go back into the house the key just turned round and round. There was no way the lock was going to open.

       What to do? My wife was away for the afternoon. I knew that we would have to go through the bedroom window which on this house is a little more than 2 meters off the ground. Luckily the bedroom windows were open since it was hot. I prepared things so that when my wife came home I would go through the window. So I lined up the step ladder and poked a needle through the screen to unlatch the screen. I pulled back the drapes.

      When Home Farm Girl got home I explained our problem and that I would go through the window. She said do you want me to go through the window? "No," I said, " I can do it." Well, after several attempts it was apparent that I was not going through the window. My body was just too long to allow me to fold my legs enough to swivel through the window. Okay Home Farm Girl, it's your turn. She made sure the step stool was lined up under the window inside, up the ladder , twist and through the window. What a relief! Her body was short enough to allow her to swing through the window.

      So two stubborn independent 70 year olds, crawled through the house window to unlock the door from inside. None of this calling the lock smith for us. Tomorrow we have to find a new lock set. But right now we're just happy to be in the house.

     I asked Home Farm Girl if she'd go up the ladder and through the window so I could take pictures. She was not amused.


  1. Hey, can locks do that? I would be in trouble big time and City Girl would not be amused! I am beginning to realize that Jean is a versatile resource! Felling trees and a sleuth to boot. Is she for hire???? :-)

  2. Robert: Jean is not for hire, but she is for sale. On the garage sale yesterday one of our masking tape price tags came off and stuck to her . So for awhile she was cheap at $6.50!!
    I knew these old door latches were not in good condition but just let things slide. I didn't think of being locked out.

  3. I remember doing this a lot as a youngster when mum locked herself out but it meant a 25 foot climb up the soil stack...far too high now even for a 60 year

  4. Early Birder, you had my puzzler really stumped on the term "soil stack?" Even my English born wife was stumped. We finally pieced it together and figured out what it was. Fun!