Friday, August 12, 2011

I Was Fooled for a While

       Now first of all, I'm not half as smart as I think I am. Secondly , I've been fooled before.

       As a blogger I have a counter on my blog which gives me all kinds of information. At the end of July I noticed a reader who visited Hiawatha House a dozen or more times a day. I was pleased as it boosted my numbers. It appeared that this reader was steadily reading my whole blog. A reader who will find you and proceed to read your whole blog is valued. Everyday the visitor appeared a dozen or more times .

      Two nights ago the bubble burst. I found out the nice reader was me! I don't like to count myself when I write or read other blogs. I had blocked my cookie before so that my visits to the blog were not counted by the counter. How my cookie became unblocked I don't know.

      It was quiet flattering to have a reader who makes quite a few visits. However, I was fooled as I did not recognize my IP number or suspect the visitor was me.


  1. I have found that I cannot block my own IP address on the iPad for some reason and so any time I look at my blog on it, I'm counted. Makes me crazy.

  2. Yes, I feel like I'm cheating when I count my own. This one surprised me as I had it blocked. I have "revived" my system and know that I have to block the cookie again. So what happened this time is a mystery to me.

  3. I've often wondered who reads my blog. I put Maploco on and if I click on that it shows me where the readers at least come from.

  4. I use stat counter and it also tells me where people come from. One mystifying thing is that you never show up on stat counter. I sometimes wonder how many others don't show up on stat counter.