Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Trash Talk Disappointing

      I admit that I don't watch any TV. I do follow sports to some extent in newspapers, radio and internet. The Olympics catch my attention to some degree as they are of a high calibre and highly publicized. So I am not highly qualified to express an opinion. However, I must express my dislike for some behaviour I encountered.

       On Twitter Sydney Crosby took a tremendous amount of abuse for scoring the winning goal in overtime. In no time flat Sydney Crosby was a trending topic on Twitter. The comments were sickening to say the least. H6WGQ5V65CYG I can understand that some people may have been extremely disappointed that their team lost. But put things into perspective. Both teams played at a high skill level. The game was highly entertaining. It was sport at it's best. Exciting, unpredictable, full of tension. Enjoy it ! Let the athletes enjoy it.

      The harsh personal attacks against Crosby were frightening, uncalled for, sad and unsportsman like.

      There I've offered my opinion even though I am not a sports expert!

      What do you think of the attacks on Crosby?

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  1. Oh, how I don't miss hockey! :)
    I had no idea Crosby was lambasted for his winning goal. Sour grapes!
    Then again, I have to say, in my equally limited tolerance for professional sports, who cares?
    Seriously. The very notion that professional NHL players get to all of a sudden "turn amateur" for the Olympics just ticks me off. I always thought that the Olympics (summer or winter) were supposed to celebrate the best of amateur sport. Since when do we allow pros into the mix? For audience ratings? Gimme a break!
    Crosby and the rest of the NHL players should not be allowed to compete at this level. What a slap in the face to all the junior level players, many of whom play hard and work hard to get into the "big leagues".
    If people only want to watch Olympic hockey because it features NHL players, I say "save your efforts and stick to Hockey Night in Canada".
    I also find it hilarious to all of a sudden have all these people who are mixed together disperse themselves to their respective "homelands" to play for their "national team". Uh-huh. As enjoyable as times when a US based NHL team faces off against a Canadian team, yet the US team has more Canucks on the starting line than the Canadian team does!
    Now that I think about it, why is it the "National" hockey league? Whose nation? Seems there are more American than Canadian teams right now, but I'm not sure that even matters either. Maybe we should be more like European soccer leagues and open wide up to Scandinavian hockey teams too?
    Sadly, the Olympics seem to bring out as much of the worst of nationalism as it does any sense of global unity and celebration.
    If people did attack Crosby for his goal, I think that's sad and uncivil (unsporting?).
    Then again, I never, ever understood why anyone got so emotionally attached to things like (any) sports teams. It's a GAME people! And Crosby, poor guy, is just a player. It's not even a real job!
    If you want to get mad about something you think is REALLY lousy and unfair, start sending nasty emails and tweets asking how come police officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, social workers and the like make a minute fraction of what Mr. Crosby does - but who has more meaningful impact on peoples' lives?
    And don't even get me started on what else the money spent to host the Olympics COULD have been used for....!