Sunday, November 28, 2010

Early Winter Cold Snap

        I recently posted on Nov. 15 about winter hitting Red Deer with a good dump of snow. In fact it snowed for six days. We accumulated about 10cm of snow which isn't that much.

       When the snow stopped a mass of arctic cold air slipped into our area. The cold was unpleasant but not unbearable. Up until the 15th we had daytime highs above zero and not very cold over night. I had ridden bike a few times in November and could have ridden more times if I wasn't busy.

      It really hit me how cold it was when the paper reported that we had broken an old low temperature record. On Nov. 23  we had a low of minus 36 which was two degrees colder than our previous record low. So after I read this I realized why it had been so uncomfortable.

    On Nov. 25 a chinook blew in and we suddenly warmed up and had a high above freezing again. So we have to get used to the temperature extremes and live with them.

    Hiawatha House did not expect to post about weather again in Nov. but since it was out of the ordinary a post was made.


  1. Being a Yankee I have no clue what those temps are. Several decades ago there was a huge push here to switch over to the Metric system but it just never took. Real progress has a hard time making headway in the gool old USA.

  2. Thanks for visiting and responding. Minus 36 C is about minus 37 F...cold no matter what!
    I was a math teacher when the metric system was introduced here and math teachers had the job of teaching the metric system. The trick was to teach the metric system and not equivalents. You have to separate the two.