Monday, January 24, 2011

Dispicable Forward

        The other day I received a forward that firmly caught my attention. Most people who have email receive forwards from time to time. Forwards that I receive are usually humorous, artistic and positive. This Christmas there were many forwards making the rounds and I thoroughly enjoyed them. It's rather ingenious how Christmas topics are made from dogs, for example. Most of these I forward to people I know who would appreciate the humor or art.

      This week I received an pathetic forward from someone who mistakenly thought I might agree with the negative message. Some of you may have received the same forward long before I became aware of it.

      The forward was called "I'm Sixty-three and I'm Tired." It started out with a whiny pathetic little background to suck you into feeling sorry for this guy. He claims to have worked steadily except for five months after he finished college while he was looking for a job. Then he states that he has worked continuously since he was eighteen. Now a bigger red flag went up. He must have been a genius to finish college at eighteen!

      After that he just goes on to list the things he is tired of. He doesn't like paying taxes for those who are too lazy to work. Rather selfish guy!

      He doesn't like Muslims who do all kinds of dastardly actions. So he paints all Muslims as evil. So okay the guy is a racist. 

     The writer goes on with a litany of complaints. He has to work because the recent economic turmoil  has eliminated his savings. He was a Veit Nam veteran. He was a five term state congressman. None of this adds up. If he's accomplished all these things he should not be in a position where he cannot retire. So I became skeptical of his whole message which was one of racism. He tried the nicy nicy routine but ended up looking like an idiot.

      He's fooled many people as his piece is forwarded very often and has probably been going around for years.

     So I decided to reply to the sender who I know. We bickered back and forth a couple of times when he decided that he didn't want to discuss the issue any longer. He could see that he was on shaky ground and couldn't defend his position so the best thing for him was to dodge the issue.

     I am usually fairly tolerant of other views particularly if they are argued with some logic and backed by some research. This forward had none of these conditions and I couldn't let it go for a free ride. Ideas that are supported by inaccurate background should  not be tolerated and all of us should stand up and confront such feeble rants.


  1. Hear, hear, Red! Totally true. I haven't seen that one but I never get all the way through them before hitting the "delete" button. And I too would delete the friend from my mailbox. I've blocked a few over the years who instantly go into my spam filter.

    I can't tolerate intolerance! :-) (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

  2. Like your last statement! There's a poem about some man railing against intolerance and yet in his ranting he is being intolerant. I wish I could find that poem again.
    Thanks for visiting Hiawatha House and sharing the veiw.

  3. I totally agree with you. I have got myself in trouble several times by not putting up with that kind of crap. Just because I'm an Albertan and live in the country... Unfortunately many people just send on or repeat what they have heard.

  4. Thanks for stopping by to visit Hiawatha House.
    In many cases there is nothing to gain by discussion with these people. They do not listen to reason or facts. They usually dodge the issue or talk over you and don't let you have input.
    I very seldom receive one of these negative rants so I'm fortunate.