Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Winter Weather

        I have started some previous posts with, " When I started this blog I did not plan to write about..." So I did not expect to write about weather as often as I have lately. Of my last ten posts I think four have been on weather.

       Now I like the topic of weather. When I taught science at the junior high level I always tried to work in a unit on weather. The field trip to the weather station was always well worth it. I enjoyed watching every radiosonde balloon go up. (I'm just a old kid!) I took my private pilot license and thoroughly enjoyed the weather ground school. I have flown through all kinds of weather and been grounded by all kinds of weather.

      Weather is a common topic of conversation starter. I happen to think that our weather forecasts are fairly accurate so I have quite  few discussions with all the old boys who complain about poor weather forecasting.

Snow built up on a couple of planks.

Snow load on a bird feeder.

 My long sidewalk that I have to shovel.

 A neighbor's snow loaded trees.
      What I really wanted to comment on today is our recent long siege of snowy weather. We have had 21 cm (about 9 in.) of snow so far in Jan. Our average snow fall for all of January is about 15 cm.(about 6 in.) so as you can see we've had enough snow to talk about.

    Since we don't get a lot of snow here we sometimes don't have very good cross country skiing. Now we have excellent conditions. The trails have been groomed . All I'm waiting for now is a little increase in the temperature.


  1. I spend time complaining about the weather too..especially this time of year. Hang in there Spring is only four months away:)

  2. Thanks for visiting Hiawatha House. I feel better if I think spring is Mar. 21. We are in chinook country so we can get some surprises with early thaws. "Hang in " is the key at many things particularly at this age.

  3. Every other day or so Red, I have to go out and shovel sunshine off the driveway. Aaah, never mind; forgot I can't shovel; I shove my lady out the door and she does it... in her sandals. I had 50 years of snow, that was enough. Trying some new meds to get me over the hump, feeling slightly better tonight; only hopes it's even better tomorrow.

  4. Yep, shovelling sunshine is pretty tough!LOL Wish I was shovelling sunshine!
    My brother leaves tomorrow morning for Arizona again. They were down before Christmas and came back for medical.
    Hope your medical progress continues.