Monday, February 14, 2011

Alf and the Snowmen

         I have written about Alf  four or five times before. Alf comes to visit his Dad for two or three days a week. Alf's Dad is my next door neighbor. Alf is now seven. When he was three or four he was quite often in my yard and wanted to explore everything found in an old man's yard. Alf also would go in the house and his curiosity just overwhelmed him and he would walk through the whole house.

         Alf has given me much pleasure as he is cute, curious and courteous. So there are many questions. My answers only brought more questions.

        So a couple of weeks ago Alf and his Dad built two giant snowmen in their front yard. This is a yearly activity for them. When Alf comes to stay with his Dad he has to go out and visit his snowmen. So the other day when Alf came I thought I had better take a picture and show everybody two great snowmen and their owner.

       Having a youngster next door is always good for  contact with little guys who are full of ideas and curiosity. Nothing like that to keep you young!


  1. I totally agree! Having young ones around can only add to my smiles and joy in life. Love the picture of the snowmen and Alf. You are very fortunate to have him around, Red. Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. The area I live in has mostly grannies and grandpas. Now there's nothing wrong with old people. I'm one of them. But a little person like Alf makes us think out of the box.
    Thanks for dropping in to Hiawatha House on this Valentine's Day.

  3. LOL I could use someone with that much energy;)

  4. I can see him out on the ranch! He'd have to check every animal and a new calf?? You'd have to clamp his eyes shut! The questions would go on forever.

  5. Oh what a cutie face.. and so proud!

  6. Not a great picture of Alf but you have nailed it ....he is cute and knows it.
    Thanks for dropping in to visit Hiawatha House.