Monday, February 7, 2011

ipod Victory

        On Jan. 19 I posted about getting an ipod and that I was challenged to figure out how to get it working.
I am happy to report that there is victory over the ipod. I've got the thing playing music in my ear and I didn't have to go across the street to my 14 year old neighbor or his 16 year old sister.

        I found a site where I could download the manual for free. I read the manual. I then down loaded itunes. I took a rest or two to find out what to do next. So I finally found the courage and plugged the ipod in to the computer and did all the registration things. Then I rested awhile.

       My next step was to try and put music on the ipod. Copying the CD was a piece of cake. After that I was stuck. I couldn't find out how to get the music from the computer to the ipod. Finally I decided to look at a tutorial instead of the manual. Right away I found out how to sync my stuff to the ipod. And there I was listening to music on my ipod. I am so proud of myself!!!

    Now I have to figure out how to use all the other bells and whistles on my ipod. It seems to do everything except the dishes. But as in my first post, I'm in no great rush. I'll just savor the moment for now.

      Now I may not have had to go across the street for assistance from my teen aged neighbors but I'm sure they get the last laugh. I know they will be wrinkling up their brow and saying, "What was so hard about all that? Why does he have to brag about that? To use an ipod is so simple!" They won't read my blog but I know that somebody will tell them and they'll all have a good laugh.


  1. Oh, how funny! You know these kids were born with these things, so they can't understand how technology can be so challenging! I have been thinking about starting the streaming Netflix thing but then I have to figure out how to get them from my computer to the TV, and I just haven't been ready.

    Your success is encouraging me to maybe try... soon, after I've rested. :-)

  2. I taught junior high kids for 37 years. They kept me going and some of their characteristics rubbed off on me. I do the hunt and peck stuff...just keep on trying things. The thing is that what happens makes more sense to them and they progress much faster. I take a rest and think about things.
    Go for it to try netflix.

  3. I am impressed with your victory over the Ipod..I am still in the dark ages with my MP3 player:)

  4. My victory is still very limited.The thing does everything except make your breakfast so I still have more bells and whistles to play with.
    It's really good to have something to puzzle your mind on.
    You'll get on the the mp3. I found using the tutorials really helped.

  5. I didn't realize you had a blog, I'm glad to have found it. I love my iPod....I listen to a lot of books with it when I'm driving.

  6. Thanks for finding Hiawatha House and coming for a visit.
    It's absolutely amazing what these little things can do. If my mind could only keep up with it.

  7. Oh a Ipod. My goodness Red. I do not have one. My Grand kids have one.
    I am impressed. I remember you scanning your first pictures.