Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rest Easy Pete

         When I began reading my blogs tonight I found the one that I had been anticipating, but it still caught me with a jolt of sadness. We all knew that Pete from Out of My Multiple Minds was not well as he had bravely kept us informed of his status. His last posts were gripping as he told about his fight to remain with us for as long as possible.

         The post I found tonight was simply called "It's Over!"  This post was written by his daughter and I thank her for informing us of her Dad's end.

        Pete only started blogging a few months ago. I was somehow lucky to blunder across his blog and I could instantly tell that it was a blog that was absolutely necessary to follow.

       What made Pete's blog such a hit was Pete. He called things as he saw them. He was passionate and did not back away from any cause. Many of the things he stood for were not on the popular side. He could tell an excellent story. He fussed and worried about what he wrote, but he naturally knew how to tell a story. Keep adding the detail and saved the climax to last. I remember following him down a long corridor to visit his sick friend. I thought the friend would be dead , but no his friend was still hanging on. The big thing was that Pete made the effort to visit his fast fading friend. Pete lost two very good friends in the last two months of his life.

      We need more Petes in this world. I will miss Pete from Out of My Multiple Minds.

       Much support to Pete's family at this sad time,


  1. Hi Red, It is tough to lose blogging friends..I am sorry for your loss too..Pete wrote some great stuff. His blog will be of comfort to his family:)

  2. Amen, Red. We need more like Pete in the world today. His two children are awesome people, and Norma Jean will be with the two of them for awhile as they make their way through the next period, without Pete.

    I loved him, too, and I was blessed to know him for a long time. Glad you've been along for the ride, Red.

  3. There were things that Pete understood that very few people understood or cared about. Many of his views were similar to mine so I was biased!
    Once again sympathy for your loss.

  4. I think I found DJan's blog on yours and then found Pete's thanks for directing me to some fine blogs.
    We'll all miss Pete. I know you will too.
    Thanks for visiting Hiawatha House.

  5. Nice tribute to your friend, Pete. I was just introduced to his blog a few days ago by his sister in law, DJan. No doubt his passing affects many.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog today.

  6. I accidentally bumbled into Pete's blog from DJan's blog.
    Pete had a great future in blogging and it's sad that his career was so short.
    I did a post on winter and shovelling snow. His reply was that he was busy shovelling sun shine off his drive way in Florida.
    Thanks for your comment and I do enjoy the way you use the language to do your posts.

  7. Red, thank you for your wonderful comments about my dad. I may copy them and post them on the memorial blog for my daughter, Lexie.

    My dad entered the blogging world skeptically, convinced that no one would be interested in reading his thoughts. I am immensely thankful for you and others for proving him wrong. Near the end, he was amazed and humbled by how many followers and anonymous readers he had on his blog.

    He was an absolutely incredible and amazing man -- I am honored to be part of his legacy.

  8. The comments on your Dad were mainly for me, but if others find them meaning ful that's fine. Thank you.
    When I first looked at your Dad's blog., I knew instantly that his was one I would follow and that it would be a good one. He had an energy and enthusiasm that came out in his writing. I'm happy that he was able to see some success.