Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where Do All the Good "Bloggin" Names Come From?

        I have been looking through quite a few blog rolls lately as I'm looking for some more good blogs to follow now that I have some more time. I look for some half decent writing, pictures and topics I'm interested in. I'm interested in nature, music, daily life, humor and something that takes me to new experiences. I appreciate blogs that make me think. Many things catch your eye and you say, "I'm going to have a look at this blog for awhile." Yes, sometimes it's just a catchy title!

       There are many reasons why people choose their blog name. I didn't know what I was doing when I chose Hiawatha House. I had spent nine years in a one roomed country school house and I wanted to honor that place. Great sentimental choice, but when it comes to search engines I don't think it really works. You can see many examples of names where people pick something which has sentimental value to them. I just looked at "Ash Lane Farm."

      Some names are fantastically creative. I really like "Muddy Boot Dreams" although I haven't  looked at the blog yet.  Some names are somewhat whimsical as "On a Quirky Quest" which also has some pretty neat alliteration. Some blogs are great at giving their main topic as in " Journey into Elderhood" or "Cottage Country. Many seniors blog so there are names such as "Far Side of Fifty" and "Retirement Chronicles."  There are double entendres although I don't have a good example. Some really catch your attention as "A Little Spark of Madness " and "Out of my Multiple Minds."    

      Now if I was more ambitious I think a really great song could be made using blog titles! Go For it! I can see somebody setting this up as a contest! You're welcome to steal my idea! Just let me in on the songs.

     I often wonder about the practical terms of blog names. I think those that clearly indicate the blog topic are probably the most successful. However, for a browser (person) catchy names probably catch more fish.

      So back to looking for more good blogs to follow.


  1. I am always amazed at the creativity of different blog titles, too, Red. When I started mine two years ago, I just used my name and then when I changed it, I didn't want to change the first part so people would be confused as to what that new name was. I like Hiawatha House, though; it's unique too.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I see that some blogs do change names and I wonder what problems they run into? Why change? What are the benfits?
    I like the way you have a "weekly" and a "daily."
    I blundered into your weekly first and then took awhile to discover the daily. I look forward to them both.
    I noted that they were both well written and then later you said you'd worked as an editor so that explained it.
    Enjoy your day in the sunshine!

  3. I, too, like the name of your blog and I agree that there are many vital retirement voices out there with some incredible blogs.

  4. Thanks for dropping by Hiawatha House.
    I started my blog with zero information. I just wanted to do some writing. I've learned so much about blogging that it's opened up many new doors.
    I appreciate creativity and that's what many of these names are an example of.
    I agree ...there are many great blogs written by seniors.
    Some of them are self conscious about their writing skills, but the thing that really matters is that they write.

  5. I never really thought of why and how people ended up with their blog names. Mine was a spur of the moment thing that is probably way too long but after all these years I'm not changing it. I did want something with prairie in it though

  6. I really like your blog name and that's coming from a prairie boy. You can't take the prairie out of the boy!
    Northern Quebec in winter is just like Sask.....flat and you can see forever. Once you get out of the Mackenzie valley at Inuvik it's like prairie ....rolling terrain.
    I'm sending you some warm weather. It's minus 3 right now.

  7. It's always fun to see what's behind a blog name. I think folks change their blog names because they didn't put much thought into it when they first started up and they'd like to remedy that. I know a few whose lives have changed so that the original name no longer applies. I quite like yours.. it flows.

  8. Thanks Hilary. The name flows and it's got alliteration!!!
    Interesting comment that bloggers lives change and then the blog name follows and changes.
    I was totally uniformed when I started my blog. (There's still a long way to go in the blog world for me, but that's part of the fun.) I just wanted to do a little writing.