Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ellis Bird Farm Web Cam

         Today I have installed a link that takes you to a live web cam of an owl nest at the Ellis Blue Bird farm. I hope enjoy watching a great horned owl on its nest.

        This great horned owl has nested for several years in this location. The nest is built in shelter belt trees of the Ellis Blue Bird farm. The Ellis blue bird farm was established when a large chemical company established a huge petro chemical plant on farmland near Red Deer Alberta. Charlie and Winnie Ellis who farmed the land had been great bird lovers. They had put out bird boxes for blue birds and had a sizable nesting population on their farm. It was decided that the original farmstead should be turned into a research facility on birds The nest boxes are still maintained and research is carried out at the site.

       Visit the Ellis Blue Bird Farm website for more information.


  1. I haven't watched a bird web cam since my dear little eaglet, Phoenix, died of pneumonia last summer, just before fledging. I'll take a look, just for you...

  2. To be honest with you I don't spend much time watching web cams but some people do. Some people spend hours a day and comment back and forth.
    In a few weeks I'll have a second link up for a peregrine falcon nest. We had it up last year. This year we have 4 cameras on it!!

  3. Last year I did some sketches of a hummingbird on a nest via webcam, maybe this year I will be able to sketch the owl if it nests. Hugs!

  4. Check out some great owl photos on
    Hope this link works.

  5. Thanks for the link..I had to take a peek..very interesting! I will have a Loon Cam Link up sometimes in late April..a cam that I have been following many years here in Minnesota:)