Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Back!

         I'm back on the net after a frustrating day of being away. I missed reading blogs, checking Face book, email and Twitter. I also missed visiting sites that give me information.

        When I signed in to the internet yesterday morning I was given a message that my web browser wasn't working. I tried entering two or three times and then left. I came back a few hours later and the same conditions were found. Now this bothered me. I usually fix most stuff around my house. Although about a year ago I wrote a post called reluctant handyman. I even fix my cars. My first step is to wait and see if the problem clears up on it's own and then go on to other plans.

       So after supper when I found the same condition I phoned my friend Bill. Bill told me to unplug the modem for at least a minute and that the computer would find itself. I had done this about a year ago. It worked then. Sadly last night nothing happened. So I phoned Bill again for plan B. I was advised to phone my internet provider. After waiting on the phone for twenty minutes a tech answered. He said that a web browser that doesn't work isn't part of delivery service, but he thought he knew what to do and would walk me through the procedure. So within two minutes my web browser was back in business. He had me go into the control panel and reset my internet settings. Wow! Was it great to be back on the internet!

      Now I remember someone making the "I'm back!" comment about three years ago. About three months before my Dad died he went into a very quiet period where there was very little communication. One day my brother dropped in to visit Dad and Dad cheerfully told him, "I'm back!" My brother felt like asking where Dad had been but this would have gone over Dad's head. Dad told my brother that he had been really sick but now he was feeling better. Sadly Dad's recovery was brief and he lasted three more months all the while becoming quieter and quieter.

      I hope my computer coming back is more permanent than Dad coming back.


  1. I had a similar computer issue last week. It took me the better part of one day to get it fixed. It is very frustrating being without internet access. I am wired and on the "net" a lot too, except I don't do the twitter thing. Glad you got everything up and running again. It's nice to have you here in Blogville.

  2. I have three different browsers on my iMac, when one doesn't work, I usually go to another. I use Chrome mostly these days, but also Firefox and Safari. When I was working I had a PC but we were warned not to ever use Internet Explorer because so many viruses got onto the machines through it.

    Welcome back!

  3. Thanks for sharing my pain and giving me some info about web browsers. I will have to do some research. First, I'll check with my friend Bill. It sounds like I could do with a different browser.
    I had internet hooked into the house in Mar. of 2008 so I have not been into computers for long. Before that I got on the net at my daughter's or the library.