Friday, March 4, 2011

That Annual General Physical Medical Examination!

       Today I had the good fortune to have my annual general physical medical examination!

       Now I'm not a big fan of the annual general. I get it for two reasons. 1) It keeps the decibel level down a bit because Home Farm Girl is adamant that the annual mandatory. 2) Way back in the reptilian part of my brain is something that tells me the annual general might be important.

      Now I started with the disliked annual long ago and it's been done at least 25 years. I'm not sure that it has been of any value. So far they haven't found anything! Well maybe that's a good thing and it shows that I am very fortunate to have good health. Or maybe I am just lacking period. Now if they did find something , would I blame the medical for the problem.

     A few days ago a friend was taking two five gallon water jugs into her house. And a funny thing happened! Something went twinge in her back! She was telling a friend that she was getting an Xray on her back. Her friend's reply was don't get an Xray on your back! Get one on your head! A second friend was there and he said don't waste the time for a head Xray because there's nothing there! I feel like this sometime.

    Now I've had my Doc for about 35 years. He's been a good Doc and still is. But he's my age and I know that there are little pieces of the brain that aren't quite as sharp. I started to reflect on his performance and the state of our health care. Home Farm Girl has developed a nasty foot problem which really interferes with her walking. A toe is badly out of joint. One surgeon has 500 on his waiting list and will not take anybody. For another guy there's a two year time to get an appointment.

     When I think back to when my Doc was young things got done right on the spot. The Docs ruled the hospital. What they said got done. If you were referred it, was almost immediate. Docs were allowed to run things and they got things done. They were proud of their performance. Now the bean counters run the hospital and I'm sure docs feel unwelcome in the place. My Doc spends very little time at the hospital. He stays in his office shuffling patients in and out. Not a very satisfying practice for him as he is only involved in such a small part of medical care.

     So let the docs run things and we will be taken care of. 

     Oh yeah! Thanks for the 25 or so annual physical examinations and 35 years of medical care!


  1. It's amazing how health care has changed over the years. I remember when you could actually plan your own date to go in to the hospital for whatever tweaking the body more but there are quite a few things that I think they do much better too.

  2. Technology has improved by light years. Stuff that used to be major surgery is now day surgery.There are many tests to help today. However, with all this stuff I don't think the Docs actually think. So much is automatic that it's hard for them to keep their heads in the game.

  3. And the doctors these days are so afraid of being sued that they have to carry massive amounts of insurance, and they don't make nearly as much money as they used to. Life isn't easy for anybody any more.

  4. I think this means you are in good health, Red. I love it when I go to the doctor and they tell me I'm fine! And I have a new young doctor who looks to be fourteen!

  5. I've been on both sides of that fence. Having worked as a RN for over 30 years, I have seen the emotional havoc that egotistical doctors can and do create. Many of them think they are mini gods and they make life miserable for the nurses and staff with all their orders, but patient care is indeed much better when doctors manage their own cases.
    Government getting involved with its rules complicates everything.

  6. I hear you about the abuse of power by the old Docs. In some cases it was outright abusive to staff.
    Good point about Govt. changing the rules. It all boils down to money. Since the govt. pays they have a responsibility to ensure that the money is spent wisely. They installed bean counters who don't know anything about health delivery.

  7. We certainly have some problems in our health system. On the one hand we should hold people to a high standard. On the other hand we kill some very good initiative which would benefit us.
    I am most fortunate to be healthy and have a good quality of life.
    I notice your comment hit me at 2:26 Am? Now accounting for time difference're either an early riser or a night owl which means your in pretty good shape to do those hours!!!LOL