Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Correction is Needed

        Now I admit that I am not the most precise and accurate kind of person around. I am not thorough and don't check my facts. My wife uses the "thorough" word all the time in reference to my cleaning performance.

         So one of my more careful thoughtful readers caught me in an error and politely told me where I was wrong.

         I did a piece on Unexpected Connections. In the conclusion I inserted a few lines from one of Roger Miller's songs. I didn't check the line. The line I put in, is not in the song. I made it up! Not on purpose! I just thought that "You can't ride a bicycle in a buffalo herd." was one of the lines. I've been singing this wrong for years!

       So thanks to my skating buddy Bob, for politely pointing out my error. Next time folks , don't let me get away with an error.


  1. Well, you've got to know the song to find the error, so you can't count on me!

  2. And I thought you were a singer,DJan!!
    I wonder if I would challenge someone who posted a glaring error? Are we too polite or just mind our own business.

  3. Too funny!
    I just thought it was a cute play on words. hugs!

  4. Well, I thought it was a pretty good line but I actually found the song. There's everything but a bicycle.
    Good to hear from you again.