Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is Anybody Tired of my Snow pictures?

          In early March I did a post on last day of winter snow for skiing. I actually thought we would be finished with snow at that time. I expected that our snow would soon melt and disappear.Since then I have posted several times about snow storms, late snow, more snow and energetic spring storm.

         So today we are having another spring storm. We've received about 10 cm of snow. I took the pictures at 1:00 PM and it's been snowing off and on since then. Some of the snow has melted as it fell or we would really be slowed down.

         Usually by this time in April I have finished raking my lawn and am starting to work on perennial beds. I have usually ride about 100 km by now. The roads were dry enough a few days ago but I wasn't going to drag my bike over the snow bank to get it out of the shed.

        Our forecast is dismal until April 19?


  1. Oh my goodness. I didn't expect to see any more snow pics. I thought you were on the way to finally having spring. Hopefully this is the last of it.

  2. I am wondering how the early bluebirds fare in these late storms, have you heard?

  3. If bluebirds aren't on the nest they can take a lot of punishment. If they stay on the nest a lot of them perish. Myrna Pearman at the Ellis Bird farm is the one to ask about this stuff.

  4. Rae, I'm no pessimist, but I can tell you we are getting more snow. We have snow forecast this weekend but I hope not enough for a picture. When things do clear up here everything progresses very rapidly because we have many hours of sunlight.
    This afternoon I am celebrating the end of one skating season that I participate in.

  5. Wasn't that snow a surprise..we sent it our got here Friday..and it is still here and it is cold too..darn snow:(

  6. Hate to tell you this but snow is coming your way for a few days. Might be rain by the time it gets to you .We are getting snow now, Sun. morning, and have about 4 in. of fresh snow on the ground.