Friday, April 29, 2011

Peregrine Falcons at Nest Box on Telus tower.

        Since I have a link on my blog to web cams on a peregrine falcon nest box, I have some interest in what is happening. I don't check the web cams very often but I do know what's happening. There are two birds at the nest box now. They are busy moving pebbles around in the box. At this time we have no idea whether they are the same pair as last year. We do know that the first egg was laid May 1st last year and so are hoping that a first egg is laid around the first of May.

        After the eggs are laid there is a long incubation period where very little happens. Both birds take turns incubating so there is some coming and going. The exchange is made quickly so you have to be lucky to see it take place. This year you have a better chance at seeing the trading of positions as we have an external camera so you can see a bird that lands outside the nest box.

       Once the hatching takes place there's much more action.

       These birds are quite large and are spectacular fliers. They are the fastest animal on earth.
They are also a poster bird as they nearly became extinct because of DDT usage. They have been brought back from near extinction by a very active recovery program.

       So I hope that you check in on the peregrines from time to time and learn something about these awesome birds.


  1. Thank you for keeping these links on your sidebar, Red. I'll check them from time to time since you made it so easy.

  2. Checking from time to time is the idea. We have people who spend hours everyday watching and commenting if a feather waves. Can be nuts!
    The youngest are always runts and live a precarious existence. many times they do not survive. Last year we had people in great distress about the youngest. He survived but got into trouble after he left the nest and was finally put in a rescue center. We haven't told the worriers about that one.

  3. It's always cool to see these critter cams and keep an occasional eye on them. Technology allows us into such amazing places we've never seen before.

  4. What's really interesting and valuable is the research that's done with this technology. Just listened to Dr. Erin Bales on his research on the boreal forest development and bird behavior.