Monday, May 23, 2011

There's a First for Everything

         There's a first for everything  even if you're a senior rookie to the internet!

          Since we are taking a trip this summer we are making some arrangements now. My wife likes to plan ahead....away ahead. I'm the opposite. I make plans at the last minute. It causes some tension around here at times.

        We found a good deal for parking while away. The catch was that we had to make a reservation on the web. I have not been a user for very many years. I understand how things work. I understand that most banking is electronic. However, my wife is not at all comfortable giving out a credit card number on the net. I don't push the issue so we don't do business on the net. Well, today to take advantage of a good deal we had to break down and do business. This deal did not include a credit card number. So we filled in the necessary information and clicked on reserve and it was done.

      Now for my wife to be sure of the deal we had to print all forms. It was like magic when I went to my email account and found that the reservation was already there.

      So with much trepidation a first took place for us. A business transaction was done by us on the internet. I'm sure that many more deals will have to be done. We will be less wary and the system is quickly moving to more and more business being done on the net.


  1. I am careful to make sure I use a secure site when ordering something on the internet. Plus I NEVER use a debit card but instead a credit card so that if there is a problem my bank will give me the money back. I've been doing all this by internet for years now, with no problems. (knock wood)

  2. I hear you! I know how it works. When a partner has reservations then one has to listen to keep peace in the world.
    It's coming to a time when some things will only be done electonically.

  3. It's difficult to take that first step, but so many people are doing just internet banking is a bit easier when you get used to it...

  4. Hi Judy, Since you're a first time commenter I will put an asterisk on my wall! Thanks for commenting. For some people they would much prefer electronic banking I think income tax filing would be much better efiled. Then when I make mistakes I can easily correct them and I don't rub a hole in the paper from all the erasing I have to do.

  5. Hi Red. 8 - 10 years ago I would never have trusted electronic booking and ordering but now it seems second nature providing you follow the simple safety rules. Interestingly Anita often does the searching but I usually end up making the purchase!
    At the moment I'm waiting for 2 orders to be delivered and I can track the progress online ... far easier than travelling costly miles to collect.

  6. I agree that business on line is like most other places. There is a procedure that you have to understand and follow and it works well.
    My wife has the difficulty with the system as she doesn't understand it and thinks paper etc.
    Both of you have worked out s successful procedure.