Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Kinds of Bloggers

       Now I know there are many kinds of bloggers, but for the purposes of this post there will only be two kinds. One kind is the one that's out there in Internet land. The other kind is the one you have met and know on a physical basis. I don't know if any study or analysis has been done on the kinds of bloggers, but I'm sure it could get complicated on some university communications course.

       I have a few blogs where I actually know the blogger. Yesterday the "know the blogger types" got one bigger. I met Teresa from Creations. I have followed Teresa for more than a year and found her blog very interesting. Teresa is a photographer and artist. Teresa is a naturalist who has a tremendous interest in birds , animals, plants and any other creature that happens to come along. Teresa features many of her creations on her blog  so you get to know a person and an artist.

       So yesterday was the big day when I met Teresa. She had an art show at the Marjory Wood Gallery at the Kerry Wood Nature Center in Red Deer. I had dropped into the nature center to see her paintings before. So in meeting Teresa in person I found someone who is more passionate about art than came across in her blog. I also found that she uses more mediums than I had sen before. I also found some different paintings other than birds. She has done buildings and water colors. Talking to Teresa was easy and it felt like I had known her for a long time.

      Now the picture looks like I'm making some significant comment about art. I'm not. I can fake a lot of things but I can't fake it when it comes to art. My knowledge and understanding of art are pretty limited . However, I do like art and appreciate what effort artists put into their creations.

       There was a bonus as Teresa had a son and daughter with her as well as her trusty guide who takes her to all the great places to view her favorite subjects.

       So now I not only know Ramblings of a  Diet Pop Addict..., Whats In Teds Head , Teacher Man, Teacher Ms, My Journey to Mayo,  but Delights Of Creation, fine art inspired by Nature and Life.  




  1. Lovely! How nice to know that our world is expanding in many directions, all because of our blogs, eh? Thanks for the introduction to Teresa.

  2. DJan , I sort of have blinkers on and I think if I follow a blog everybody follows the blog! I often look at blog lists and wonder what might be good to follow. However, the blogs I follow now keep me busy.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful write up. It was also wonderful meeting you. And yes, I do get excitable easy and am passionate about what I create. Its much easier to paint with feeling than it is to find the right words to express those feelings in print. I so admire poets who can transport one to other realms with a few appropriately placed words. Its a busy week for me so I won't get a chance to blog about my show till next week, so thank you for your input. Hugs!

  4. I'm very, very gifted at standing around Art shows and galleries and looking like I may know something (when in truth I know nothing).

    And no, to date I've had no theft problems with the goodies I make as my kids don't care to travel into the bowels of the earth that is my cellar. But thank you for the lovely compliment.

  5. I killed a lot birds with one stone the other day. I like art,the nature center and meeting people. So was neat to not only meet you but the whole family.
    Some of the blogs I follow are rather poetic particularly with photos..

  6. Doris, thanks for visiting Hiawatha House. Since you're a first time commenter you get an asterisk on my wall. Trouble is I'm in Chicago right now.
    Lots of great Nova
    Scotians out in Alberta.