Monday, August 15, 2011

I Survived the all Nighter

         On my last post I asked for some advice on how to stay awake all night. I had to stay awake all night because I was having a test the next day which required me to not sleep the whole night. I had a number of people who freely offered me some humorous advice on the blog and Face  Book. Thanks for the fun. Others expressed concern for my well being. Thanks for your caring. 

          Well, I did survive the night without falling asleep or screaming or committing some form of mayhem. Until 2 or 3 AM the time passed very quickly as I wasn't that tired and I had lots of things to do. I had three crossword puzzles and a couple other puzzles. I also had things to do on the computer and I played a few games. From 3 to 6 AM the time dragged and I had less to do. I made some toast about 4 AM which helped. From 6 to 7 AM was the very worst. I had to fight every minute to stay awake and had nothing to do. Once my wife got up and we had breakfast it was better as I had something to do.

         I got to the hospital early and it was a challenge to stay sane so I walked the halls a bit. The technician was great. She kept up a humorous chatter as she directed me through the test. I should have brought my camera. They put a hat on you that reminds me of a 1920's bathing cap. There are holes in the cap so that they can put the electrodes in the same place. They squirt some foul goop in each hole which makes electrical conductivity better. They scratch your scalp in eah hole...not pleasant.

        First, they have you open and close your eyes while shining a bright light in your eyes. Then, for three minutes you have to pretend that you're blowing up a balloon. They really make you work at this one as they want to create stress. After that they said I could just lie there and go to sleep if I wanted to. It wasn't a case of wanting to go to sleep. I just conked out and when the test was done they woke me up.

      I got home and to bed about 10:30 and the phone rang at 11:00 so that was my sleep. After lunch I did get a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep. So I feel human again.

      When I think back to times when I did overnights for fun I have to give my head a shake. Fun? But that was in another age and maybe I was in much better shape than I am now.

     They have an expert read the test and report to my specialist and my specialist will inform me of the result. An optimist like me never ever thinks that there might be bad news. In all other tests they haven't found anything so I don't think this test will be any different. If it is I'll let you know.


  1. Glad you survived, but I had no doubt you would be just fine. I look forward to hearing the results.

  2. Hi Red, I hope you get good results from your sleep test. Awfully scary to not be able to remember and to actually know that you cannot remember.
    All nighters get more difficult as you get older:)

  3. I'm not sure when I get results. The EEG was the test and they wanted me to miss sleep as when the brain is stressed the EEg picks up stuff better.

  4. You knew I would survive but I would do some whining.

  5. Hi "Bluey"

    Good to know that you are back. I was under the obvious false impression from your last e-mail that you were off on holidays!
    Now that was a mistake!!!!
    Just read all that was on this page, e-mail me please with up-to-date reports please.
    Only last weekend ( Friday and Saturday), my apartment blog - well those who can still hear, were kept awake by young environmentalists/conservationists from overseas in the next building with "boom, boom" RAP "music". I call it adulterated noise. As we threatened them with eviction and the police, that was the end of the "RAP" noises. Thankfully that group have moved on, hopefully back to the UK!
    Other groups over the years have been polite and decent. I suppose bad apples had to appear sometime?
    Colin (Brisbane)

  6. Glad to hear it, Red. And I'll also be glad to hear that the results are good ones.

  7. Thanks Hilary. I'll be fine

  8. I'm back Colin. Thanks for following.