Friday, September 9, 2011

The Doctor Has Spoken

        A few weeks ago I posted on staying awake all night. The purpose of staying up all night was to get an EEG. If one is very tired things show up better. The staying up all night was fun for half the night but the second half was a real pain. I told you that I was not concerned about this test as I was not too worried that they would find anything that was critical.

        Yesterday was finally the day to visit my neurologist. The test was done over a month ago and read the same day. So my neurologist started by telling me that they didn't find and really bad stuff like cancer. Then she got around to telling me that they found an area of my brain that had faster waves than it should. This could possibly indicate seizures. So the incident I had in June which started this investigation might have been a seizure. The neurologist doesn't know for sure and I don't know. I had juvenile epilepsy and I know that this was not in any way like the seizures I had as a child. So the whole diagnosis was very iffy.

      So what happens with an iffy definition? They err on the side of caution. So I'm given medication for seizure prevention and control. For a kicker my license was suspended until Sept. 19. The incident occurred on June 19 th. If they'd made the diagnosis that day my license would have been suspended for three months which would have been Sept. 19 so in one way I'm lucky. The law is an ass when it comes to TIA's as they think that all people with these conditions completely pass out. Most TIA's people remain conscious and in control.

      So I'm taking medication for a very iffy TIA which happened in 2008 and now I'm taking medication for a very iffy seizure. So my neurologist is erring on the side of caution. These medications will not harm me and if they do prevent harm to others that's a bonus.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if we would be better off without any doctors, but then again... I am now getting better instead of worse with my bronchitis, and you have gotten a diagnosis of... maybe. So at least we both know that it's not too bad. I guess that's something.

    Glad to know Sept. 19 is just around the corner. Hope it doesn't happen to you again...

  2. So there are some things that our Docs are very good at and then there are things that are a challenge for them because of what the problem is. I can live with it although the no driving is a bit of a pain. Hope that bronchitis clears up in a hurry.

  3. Thanks for commenting. It's not really frustrating. These issues do not change quality of life. There is potential for something worse but worry isn't going to stop it or prevent it. Thanks for your concern.

  4. Well it could be worse. But you already know that. My husband takes a seizure medication for his Trigeminal Neuralgia. I hope you get along Okay with the medication and it doesn't make you fuzzy or sleepy. Three it would be six almost have that time behind you. I think the Doctors do that so they stay out of trouble and cannot be sued for malpractice.
    Thanks for sharing the4 Doctors report with us:)

  5. The stuff I'm on gives me the tics and does make me drousy. It also affected balance. I'm hoping that I soon adjust to that stuff. Yes the docs have to watch over their shoulders for lawsuits. The licensing bureau is worse . They have no idea of these conditions.