Friday, December 16, 2011

Great Times: Skater's Christmas Party

        I have posted before about how I ice skate on a regular basis from the first Tues. in Sept. to the last Tues. in April. I started this year with a post called "Whee Skating Started Again!"  I really feel that way.
Having fun before the party

        As with many groups involved with an activity there develops a tremendous support for one another. In an urban setting people can sometimes become completely isolated. 

        So today the skaters had their annual Christmas party. We invite all the previous skaters who have for one reason or another stopped skating. Since we are seniors people can find themselves at an age where they cannot continue skating. These people love to join the Christmas party and meet with old friends who they skated with before. They support one another and meet new skaters. All present skaters and past skaters make an effort to meet and continue the relationship which comes through skating.

       So today after skating we had a table laden with goodies and coffee supplied by club members . We meet after skating in a large reception room. Acquaintances are renewed and for many it's one of the major events they attend at Christmas. 


  1. Well, looks like a heap of fun.
    However it looks all Brrr!
    I think I'll stick to the warmth of Australia at this time of year, I promise if sauna conditions do occur I won't complain ( maybe???)- but I think I prefer "sauna" and rain (not floods like last year) to the BIG FREEZE of Alberta.
    Fresh fish, oysters, BBQ steaks and roasts, green salads etc. and big outside pool parties appeal more to me and then of course all the necessary liquid refreshments.
    Of course we do have the universal big puddings with, in my case, heaps of cream and ice-cream!
    You don't think I am gluttonous, do you?
    Anyhow you, your family and your followers of your informative blog have a wonderful Christmas and all a safe and healthy 2012.

  2. That's a great idea. I think it's cool that you make sure that past skaters are included. I haven't skated since my 20s. Funny.. my son, his girlfriend and I were just talking about it tonight, too.

  3. This sounds like so much fun! Glad you had a great time!

  4. How wonderful, Red! Reminds me of our Senior Trailblazers group. You mentioned your skating friends in one of your comments; it's great to meet them all.

  5. DJan, I stole your idea! Your post couldn't have happened at a more opportune time as my skating do was the next day. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Ruby, I think this would all be foreign for you.

  7. Hilary, I had about a 30 year absence from skating but I stuck with it and now have fun. The group is also a plus.

  8. Colin, you a glutton? Never!
    It's always interesting to see your slant on our neck of the world.

  9. looks like a great group..I noticed that you have a helmet in your hand! Group activities and the support you get from friends is wonderful, nice that you include those who can no longer skate too:)

  10. Far side , I always wear a helmet when I skate. They are talking about making it mandatory for all recreational skaters. I've seen too many elderly skaters fall and they usually hit their heads. I haven't had to use my helmet yet.