Friday, December 23, 2011


       I've been on a lucky streak recently! I've won two things in the last month. That's along streak of luck for me!
        First I won a CD that the Musical Gardener was giving for a prize when he drew names from commenters on his blog. The CD was Susan Boyle doing mostly Christmas songs.

         Yesterday I won a book when they drew my name. I was at an appreciation lunch for Kerry Wood nature Center volunteers. I  received the book " The Sanctuary" written by Kerry Wood. Kerry Wood was a local Red Deer author who specialized in Natural history. Kerry Wood was prolific author as he wrote numerous books and radio clips when these were popular in the 40' and 50's Kerry Wood knew his subject from having hands on experience. These days we think we're awesome when we go off grid. Wood built a cabin and pretty well left society for a year when he lived off the land with little bought from stores. He made his own furniture. He collected plants and animals for food. Since I always liked Kerry wood I was happy to win a book of his. 

       So I consider myself fortunate in the lucky department for the last few weeks. Maybe I should buy a few lottery tickets since I'm on such a hot streak!


  1. Yes - why not buy a few lottery (lotto) tickets, you just never know. I buy one every week - the numbers are recorded. This year, my numbers and lotto (lottery) draws have not seen "eye to eye"!
    To be perfectly honest - they NEVER have - much to my disgust!
    Doesn't really enthrall me, but, and there is always that "bloody BUT", maybe next week???
    Anyhow it does give one some fun sitting down and working out - "What will I do with $10 million" or even more - the mind boogles at what I come up with - ha ha.
    I don't think the good Lord agrees with my greed! Anyhow isn't greed one of the 7 deadly sins?
    Anyhow it is one of major sins and I have no intention of doing any "Mea Culpas".
    Have a wonderful Christmas - will be a cool one here - just weird Autumn weather still.

  2. Save your cash, Red. I've already bought the winning ticket. ;)

    Congrats on your wins. It's always fun to play along, even more so to win.

  3. Congratulations on getting lucky, Red. I think you should indeed go buy a lottery ticket even though winning is pretty far fetched. I do hope you and yours have a wonderfully festive Christmas, if that is what you are into. Right now we are having a warm wet streak of weather, it's going to be a soggy Christmas Day! :-)

  4. Go buy a lottery ticket - threes a charm, and you only have two. Actually I got 5 scratch tickets for the stockings and Youngest got $25.00 on hers.

    All the best from the other side of the country.

  5. You go buy those tickets!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    It's been a quiet one here.

  6. Hope you bought as ticket and won big! Merry Christmas! :)