Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve: Triumph or Tragedy

       Since New Year's Eve is a significant date we often remember things that occurred on that date. Some of the things could be ordinary and if they happened on any other day they may be forgotten. However, the winners and losers really stick out.

      A New Year's Eve that occurred in 1964 stands out in my mind as the one that goes down in my history. For a young guy New Year's Eve was a time to party. Few of us had steady girlfriends so a date for New Year's Eve was important. I was living in Inuvik at the time and the community population was about 1500 people. There was lots of coming and going. We had a 100 bed hospital so there were lots of nurses. The single guys kept close tabs on new staff who came in. There was lots of socialization. It was good fun. 

     However, on New Year's Eve a date was important. I had met a nurse in November when she arrived to work in the hospital. I tried to phone her a number of times to ask her to the New Year's Eve party, but I was not successful. A colorful Jamaican public health nurse lived in my building. When she found out that my friend and I were in a predicament for New Year's Eve she said , "I'll find somebody for you." She knew who we had been trying to invite. So New Year's Eve came and we appeared at the nurses residence to pick up our blind dates. Sure enough the girl I had tried to contact was there all dressed up for a party! Her best friend was there for my friend. We had a great time.

    After that more dates occurred and lo and behold that young lady became my wife. So we always joke that we met on a blind date.

    So I can look back on that New Year's Eve as a win! As in most relationships there have been ups and downs. On some days we would say that was a tragic night and most days that it was the greatest night ever.
     How about your New Year's Eves? Have they all been eventful and memorable? Have some of them been tragic?

    So here's a Happy New Year to all my readers. Have a wonderful 1012!


  1. Great memory Red. Happy New Year to you both!

  2. First Happy New Year - maybe not there yet in Alberta! Already over here!
    Loved your question????

    "How about your New Year's Eves? Have they all been eventful and memorable? Have some of them been tragic?"

    Yes I recall two. Only two as that
    was the limit!!

    1969 - Tokyo when enroute to Medicine Hat!!!
    After enjoying a delightful New Year dinner at great expense at the "Imperial Hotel", my mate who the next day was leaving for Hong Kong and myself thought we would partake of bar festivities on the Ginza Strip. Not knowing much, if any Japanese, we found ourselves in a decent bar and were befriended by over zealous Japanese, who insisted that they do the buying. Well, I found out that saki and I do not agree! At about 4.00am, Peter and I somehow managed to get out of this bar from very raucous Japanese "friends" - many sayonaras (??)- I think that word means goodbye??
    We were as "pissed as mad parrots" and had no idea where we were, we sat vomiting in the gutter and the temperature was below zero!!! Strange how the cold weather sobers you up. Then before freezing to death, one of us saw a very large neon light about 100 metres away - our hotel,
    The Dai-ichi Hotel!
    Peter did make the flight to HKG, I did not see him off.

    Then 1972, our hotel in West Wyalong, after closing the bar at 10.00pm my brother,a first year cadet at Duntroon Military Academy and I decided to drive to the Golf Club for the festivities - two cases of chilled champagne in the car with us. Great night of merriment and etc etc., somehow managed to drive back to the hotel at 5.00am - straight to bed. At 6.00am woken by our father ( not the one in heaven) and told to start cleaning up. No staff were being employed it was us all day!
    To ensure that my brother and I would never forget the day of cleaning and working a bar, my parents took off to greener pastures.
    It was the longest day of our lives - 12 hours of working in a bar! Hotels here opened on New Years day then when everything else was closed.
    So, what was the question? Ah yes, memories - well I have never since 1972 seen another New Year in.
    PS: Happy New Year to your viewers.

  3. Wonderful memory! Thanks for sharing it. Cheers!

  4. Well, you did indeed actually meet on a blind date. And like all relationships, sometimes it's a good thing, and there are other times when you curse the day. But it sounds like the two of you were made for each other.

    I can't remember any particular New Year's celebrations that stand out. Isn't that terrible? The last decade I haven't been awake when the new year begins. :-)

  5. Oh that is sweet memory. You were certainly blessed that new year. Happy New Year in 2012 as well.

  6. You have a great memory to share of new Years Eve!1 Happy New year to you and your bride!

    The best New Years I can remember was when the girls were in their early teens we would pack up games and snacks and go to the church for a game night with other times:)

  7. Far side, I'd forgotten about New Year's Eve at the church. Ya, games visiting and lunch. Fun times!

  8. Wonderful story, Red. I've had NYE which started relationships one one in particular which ended one.. that was the year 2000 and in retrospect was a very good thing. Other than those, they've been pretty much matter of course.

    Happy New Year to you and yours. :)