Monday, December 19, 2011

The Other Shoe Has Dropped.

     A couple of posts ago I told of raising the Christmas tree at our house. It's my job to put up the old artificial tree. It's my wife's job to decorate the tree. I was telling you that sometimes we don't get to putting up a tree. 
     Well, this year the tree is up and it's also decorated!  How about that?

So my wife's decorating job does wonders to my little old artificial tree!

To all readers, have a joyous Christmas season.!

I will be posting during the holiday period as there is so much going on. 


  1. Very nice Red and you even wrapped some packages! :)

  2. The tree looks good, I put angels and teddies under ours. Merry Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas! The tree looks lovely!!

  4. Looking good Red. Ours is artificial this year too, as Eldest doesn't get home until Thursday, and we are leaving on the 29th - wasn't worth murdering a real tree for such a short time - but I do miss the wonderful aroma of a fresh evergreen.

  5. Far Side, I have to be clear about things. My wife decorates the tree and the presents under the tree are her designs.

  6. ...and it's a beautiful tree...