Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blogger Perceptions

       I have always wondered about blogger perceptions. We deal in an almost one dimension medium. Sometimes we add photos and some bloggers use mainly photos. But how close are we to the "real meal deal" in the blog world. 

      When I was teaching I would ask the kids what I did when I first came into the classroom for each class. I explained that I took a look at each individual student before I started my class. I told them that I wanted to see if anyone came in upset. I wanted to identify that situation and try to settle it rather than wait part way through class when everything boiled over. So in this situation perception was everything. I could observe actions, sounds , body language and other student reaction. I could also observe some sequence.

      When we blog , we are limited to the written word alone. Some writers express themselves extremely well and give us a good picture. But we are missing a couple more modes of perception. It would be nice the hear the bloggers spoken word. It would be beneficial to see the body and the body language. We certainly communicate through body motion. I have stamped my feet or banged my fist down a time or two. So how close do we get to the complete picture of the blogger we read or follow?

      Sometimes I read about bloggers who meet a fellow blogger. They are always excited to meet the blogger in person. They usually report a very positive experience. I've only met one blogger in person. It was a super experience. She was older than I thought because I was going by a picture on the blog. However the person I met was exactly who I knew on the blog. The surprise was her partner. I had pictured him very much as a follower. He was no follower and was an impressive character as he held strongly supported views.

      So I was just wondering how we saw things on our blogs. Do we get it right or does it matter.

      What ever the perception is out in the blog world, I like the blogger as is on the blog. That is the real person in the blog world and that's all that matters.  


  1. A century ago, people began relationships that lasted a lifetime, and all they had was letters they wrote to each other. It seems similar to me, what we do here in the blogosphere: better in many ways because we have posts and comments, which happen pretty quickly. I really love this medium! :-)

  2. DJan , you're pretty fast too. Good comparison to letter writers. I forgot to use the idea of pen pals in that post.
    Just read your blog on your reflections of what went on last year at this time.

  3. I have just discovered some wonderful people in the blog world. I this it'd be great to meet friend if you feel a bond in time. And people are as real in the blog world as they do not repress their feelings and dare to show their real selves through their words and pictures.

  4. Ruby , you make an excellent point that people can be much more to the point as they do not have immediate criticism so are allowed to show themselves without the opposition. Sometimes in our real community we are saddled with some baggage which is bias.

  5. Great post my friend, though does my photo online make me look younger than reality? Funny thing how photos can be deceiving, but then so can reality as no one ever believes my real age.
    and you are right about my hubby, he's a strong minded fella who attempts to educate about reality, especially dealing with Aboriginal misconceptions and ugly truths about Canada and its not so distant "white-wash" history.

    I blog to attempt to keep up my writing as its always been a struggle for me to use words, I much rather use paint or sculptural media. The bonus for me has been meeting you and conversing with a few others whom I may never have met, yet find a connection with through their words and photos. Have a great week, hugs!

  6. It's always amazing to get comments! I wasn't expecting you to comment on this post. You have really widened the thoughts I had about perception. Your picture with the hat and just the eye is mischievous and gives me the sense of someone younger.
    Thanks for your comment.

  7. Red this is interesting. There's one person in Edmonton I've met since I've been blogging and he's an adorable man. He's an extremely talented photographer and a kind hearted man. He doesn't say too much about himself on his blog, I thought maybe he was a bit of an introvert, yet his photos told me a different story. He's no introvert at all, he is outgoing and easy going.

    When I blog I'm real, I keep things simple and write from my heart. I don't like to write too much because my blog is a photo blog, that and I write so many papers. Sometimes I tire of writing. My blog is my have some fun time.

    Did you get the snow yet? We sure did, winter arrived full blast and it didn't take long to hit once the snow started flying.

    Have a great week!

  8. Darlin, thanks for your comment.
    Photographers are interesting as the show by their work what interests them.
    I like the bloggers like you who keep it simple and say what they mean. I tend to bumble around and be somewhat tentative. What I find is that I accidentally promote interesting comments.
    We've had a little snow with lots of wind and now it's really cold . Anyway in a few days you will care less about the snow and cold. I envy you and your trip.

  9. Hi Red, To date I have met..lets see..four bloggers..each were just as marvelous in person as on their blog. Three remain very good friends..the forth is off writing a book. I have three neighbors that I have known a really long time that It would be real hard for me to be anyone else than who I am day to day. I am a what you see is what you get kind of gal.
    I do like your insights..I can tell that you must have been a favorite middle school teacher and a good influence on the students:)

  10. Far side, love your comments on friends who are bloggers so that keeps you honest. I also have friends who blog and I hadn't thought of that angle before. I may be devious in some aspects of my life but for blogging I find it easy to describe what has happened or what I think. with this post there were many things I left out and it's been good for me to have readers comment. Obviously this topic has been in other people's.
    I enjoyed my teaching career. I'd do it all over again as long as I had the knowledge I gained from experience!

  11. Great post, Red. I have met one blogger (that is one that I didn't know before blogging), and the meeting was very lovely. I can't say that I knew her well via her blog, though.. so there were no expectations one way or the other.

    I think folks will reveal as much or as little of their personality via their blog as they desire. I've probably come to know people better through the comments they leave on my or others blogs, than through their actual blogging. That's just in some cases, of course. Others are an open book and I suspect I'd not be at all disappointed upon meeting them. Hopefully some of those opportunities will come along.

  12. I met two bloggers! It was great. We're now Facebook friends, too. Ironically, they don't read my blogs as often!!!!

  13. Jenn , meeting other bloggers will probably always be positive. We are a "little" selective in who we follow.