Monday, July 2, 2012

Brenda Schultz: More Campaigning

        A couple of posts ago I told you about my friend and neighbor who had  serious spinal injury. Brenda is working to find more financial support for her physio therapy program.

       In Alberta as long as you are hospitalized you get physio therapy. As soon as you're out of the hospital you are on your own for physio therapy. Private plans usually cover $400.00 and that doesn't go very far. Brenda was in the hospital from Sept. 2011 to Dec 22 2011. The hospital therapy was good but of limited value in getting back the use of limbs. Brenda went to California for February for a special therapy. When she came back she had made very good progress. She could lift her legs and this made a big difference in her mobility in a wheel chair. Since February she has continued with therapy. As you saw in the picture she can now ride a tricycle.

      Brenda's family and friends have been supporting her in this therapy. They've gone a long way but are about exhausted in funds. I'm including a link for a fund raiser that Brenda is working with. If you feel comfortable posting this link on your blog please do. The more publicity Brenda gets the more success she may have.

     Thank you.


  1. I hope she is very successful in her fund-raising! I think people are generally very generous when they are able. You are a good friend!

  2. Sad her health plan doesn't totally fix the problem.

  3. We are paying for physio for a dear friend. Single mom, can't work while she has back pain. I feel gratitude that we can support her.
    She has a herniated disc, like my hubby, and he knows what that kind of pain is like. Good for you for helping this person.
    Greetings from Cottage Country!

  4. Isn't it sad Red in a country so great, that she has to pay for this. Whatever is happening to our priorities in Medicine. I do hope that Brenda is most successful and she gets to keep at physio. God Bless you Red, for taking the time to help her. You are one of the good guys.

  5. Red you have a kind heart, right now all I can offer are my prayers so I'll do just that for your friend!

  6. thank you, red, for letting us help - even if it is so small...