Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Laid Off at Seventy

       Yes that's right folks! Today for the first time in my seventy years I was laid off.

        Some of my readers will realize that I have a paper route. I've thoroughly enjoyed my paper route although it was seven days a week. I delivered 20 papers and 13 fliers. The route was right behind my house and 15 of the 20 subscribers are retired people. Many times I enjoyed a great visit with these people. They were awesome customers. The paper route got me out of the house no matter what. I enjoyed the getting out even if  the weather was really nasty. I was never cold. All of my jack rabbit stories came from the paper route. Many of the bird posts resulted from an experience on the delivery. So to say that I enjoyed this activity would be an understatement.

        What I really noticed is what the route did for my head. It gave me something different to be responsible for. I didn't know how much I missed having a job since I retired. It gave me something to look forward to each day not that I was inactive and depressed. It just made me feel better.

       So the paper decided to become a morning paper and deliveries were to be completed by 6:30 AM. Now I like getting up early but not that early. You were going to have to deliver about 150 papers and use your vehicle. Not for me! I would miss all the interaction with the people. Who would be up that early in the morning?

       So I jokingly consider myself laid off!


  1. Sorry to hear about being "laid off", Its amazing that news-paper delivery now requires one to have a vehicle as a necessity. Not really environmentally responsible is it. That is one reason I don't subscribe to a newspaper.

  2. Thanks for your comment. The being laid off was tongue in cheek. I was doing the paper route for my own personal satisfaction. I like your point about being environmentally responsible. I hadn't thought of that before. The tremendous amount of paper and now more fuel to deliver door to door certainly isn't environmentally friendly.

  3. There will be bigger and better things to come, I'm sure.
    Love the post! I quit work and volunteer. I'm so much happier. We live more frugally, but it is very healthy for us in My Muskoka!

  4. Thanks for the comment Jenn. I am quite active as a volunteer and find it satisfying. Volunteering has brought personal growth. I was surprised by what happened in my head when I did papers! It added something which wasn't there before. Don't get me wrong retirement is awesome.
    Have a great Muskoka Canada Day!