Saturday, June 26, 2010

What Do Old Ice Skaters Do in the Summer?

              They picnic!

           I skate with a group of seniors two afternoons a week from Sept. to April. We have time scheduled in one of the local arenas. We skate for an hour and then on Tuesdays we coffee at the Dairy Queen and on Fridays we make  coffee and bring our own goodies. The skating is good fun and pleasant exercise. The coffee time is great socializing. The group is very supportive of one another and so there is contact outside of the skating event itself. The June picnic is one of those events where we get together in the summer and enjoy a barbecue.

        Our oldest and one of the best skaters is 87. You have to be 50 to join the group. An amusing statement on the program description is ages 50 - 99. I guess if you turn 99  and are still skating you have to leave the group!

        So today a good picnic was enjoyed and we can look forward to skating in about 9 weeks.


  1. ha,ha, so if someone makes it to 99, then you will have to have a meeting and change the rules. that was cute and nice to know that you all meet in summer for a picnic bbq. How nice that is. :)

  2. Oh my you guys are great. My hubby goes to the coffee
    shop with about 12 guys sitting on Sat but they dont do anything else. Of course my hubby is active anyhow. Another guys goes fishing.

    I was really active but now I suffer with Sciatic so my doing walks and all is very limited. Thank goodness I have my computer and friends who come here and we to their place. Wow Hockey is getting really terrible . Men are dying on the ice. Not like when I used to watch it back with Boby hall. My son-law's uncle was a hockey guy. Last name Timgren. He since has died. I think he was in the hall of fame. I will add you I like your stories. .