Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wonders of Wildflowers

        One of the pleasures of spring and summer is the constant parade of wildflower blooms. We are fortunate to have some natural habitat which provides us with an interesting variety of blooms. I am not a plant expert in any way. I can appreciate and recognize those who do have expertise , knowledge and talent in this area.

        So I'm doing a small post on flowers and I don't have any pictures. My photography is brownie hawkeye technology! Just kidding. I do have a small digital camera which has limited capabilities.

       There are several blogs which I follow where the authors are excellent photographers and display a good knowledge of plants. I appreciate these bloggers and follow them regularly and suggest that you take a look at their blogs.

       Since I have spent time on large tracts of natural habitat when I was young, I came to appreciate wild flowers. Several years ago my brother took me to one of these undisturbed areas when the western wood lily (lilium philadelphicum) was in full bloom. I had forgotten how abundant they were in this area. It was a real treat. My summer is complete once I find brown eyed susans(gaillardia aristata). Who could not love the prairie crocus(anemone patens)? Finding them come up right after the snow melts is a real treat. When hiking in high mountain meadows the crocus is very common in July.

      Last Saturday I had to visit the Gaetz Lake Sanctuary just to see yellow lady slippers(cypridium calceolus). They are numerous in certain areas of the sanctuary.
     Now I could continue with flower sitings I like , but these are highlights for me. We get a treat from our wildflowers all spring and summer


  1. Thanks Red, for the wonderful shout out of my BLOG today...that was really nice of you!!! I used to live in a tiny town called Armstrong, Canada when I was little...lived there for about a Dad worked at a nearby US Air Force base there...would love to come back and visit. I remember hearing wolves howling and loved the forests there..they are a lot like where I am from (the Upper Peninsula of Michigan), across Lake Superior from Canada. I invite your readers to stop by my blog, and thank you for the opportunity to be introduced by you. There are plenty of photos of nature on it which I hope they enjoy. And most of all, thank you SO much for following my blog and for leaving a comment today too!

  2. Thanks Retired One for your comment. Your pictures and comments are most interesting and get me out in the field to see things for myself.

  3. Hi Red, I am so happy that you stopped by, do come again! I love all the wildflowers, I appreciate each and everyone that I am able to identify in our area. I love sharing with readers about what a beautiful State Minnesota is in the summer. It sounds like you have found some wonderful wildflowers yourself! :)

  4. Thanks for the comment. I not only appreciate what you do on flowers but find the stories around old photos interesting as well. I wonder what will happen with the net were everything is kept whereas before stories died with the people who experienced them . My father died in 2008 at age 95. Many of his life stories are gonewith him. So keep on making and telling the stories.