Monday, December 6, 2010

I Hear Christmas Music

       Yesterday it hit me that some Christmas music was being played. I was listening to Vinyl Cafe on CBC when Stuart McLean came on and talked about the Huron Carol which is a favorite of his and one he always plays  on his show. He also played Jingle Bell Rock and then it hit me Christmas Music!!!!

     I never listen to commercial radio so Christmas music is not in my face. I had been the grocery store  a few days ago and there was seasonal music playing. Christmas music was also playing at a volunteer party I attended.

     I listen to CKUA which is a listener sponsored commercials. They specialize in playing a wide variety of music and have information to go along with it. Tonight I was listening to "Roy's Record Room" This guy plays music from 78's and gives very interesting background on the music and performers. Tonight he gave great detail about the well known "Baby It's Cold Outside." Many performers have recorded this tune. It was first written as a party tune for one party. Others picked it up and sang it. Tonight Roy played two versions buy Homer and Jethro with June Carter...was very enjoyable.

     I enjoy Christmas music as well as many other types of music. I have Christmas tapes but guess what? I don't have a tape deck in the house that works any more. I also have LPs and the same working turntable. I'm pretty sure Santa is bringing me an ipod so I'll look for Christmas music.

    I can't really say that I have one favorite piece of Christmas music as I like such a wide variety. I hope that you will take pleasure in listening to what ever Christmas music that you like. Let me know what you like listening to. I could stand learning about some music I've not heard before. And by the way check out CKUA . It's on the net


  1. I'm pretty much sick of 'Baby it's cold outside'!

    It is, and we are, and we have lots of snow.
    But that canned Xmas music just sucks!

    I'm with you for no ads.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I don't watch TV and mostly I just can't stand the ads and Don Cherry!!!
    You'll get used to the cold and snow if you're out cutting wood.I really like to be outside in winter if I can be active.

  3. I always have the TV on in my office; rarely look at it; it's my white noise; can't stand silence. My lady just loves listening to music. I don't. The only music I like to listen to is old people's music from the 50s - 60s, and even then not very often. I'm very much into talk radio and we listen to internet radio on my iPhone whenever we're on our motorcycle. Most talk radio in the good old USA however, is highly toxic. I rarely listen to that crap, preferring more intelligent, reasonable progressive programming.

  4. I like this. We each have our own space and comfort zone and we veg there. I listen to most music but certainly lots of 50's 60's because that's what I grew up with. The toxic talk radio is unbelievable. We have it here and I never listen to it.Look for CKUA on the net. I'm sure your lady would like it . They make music much more interesting because of the info.