Saturday, December 4, 2010

Surprise on me:Christmas is Coming!

        Last week I noticed that two blogs I follow had a Christmas topic. One a reminisce about childhood Christmas expectations and activities and a second describing a painting done of the Mother and Christ child. I'm sure that if I looked for blogs about Christmas I would find lots. So, not too worry I don't get excited about Christmas. Home Farm Girl agrees with that assessment.

        Last night I attended a small appreciation party for volunteers at a facility I volunteer for. The evening was great as volunteers got together for good food, visiting and outdoor fun. The volunteers are mostly seniors but they do make an effort to include handicapped people as well.

     The day before Home Farm Girl had dragged me to a free lunch at one of the malls. Free lunches and crowds are not my favorite, but since Home Farm Girl doesn't drive I had to attend.

     Then I started to think that a number of Christmas activities have sneaked up on me and I was not really aware of what was happening. I guess I was having so much fun I did not really think that December was upon us and Christmas activities were taking place whether I was in gear or not.

     Then I remembered that about Nov. 10 I put up my Christmas lights so that I wouldn't have to suffer in the cold. This too was at the urgent prodding of Home Farm Girl. Today I looked out to see my neighbor putting up his lights and it's minus 15 C(+2F). This afternoon all I had to do was set the timer and turn my lights on.

    Oh yes! I wrote a Christmas letter a couple of weeks ago so that Home Farm Girl could include it with her Christmas cards. I do all my greetings on email.

     So surprise on me. Christmas activities have been happening and I didn't know about it or(think about it.)


  1. Did you flash your lights on while your neighbour was putting his up with frozen fingers? Fantastic light displays and fireworks always capture my excitement so that I feel like a child in awe and wonderment.

  2. I didn't flash any lights. I honestly admire people who have the toughness to be out there and work in the elements. You remember my famous paper route? It got me out everyday and I felt much better facing the elements.
    Thanks for dropping by to visit.

  3. I don't know about way up there in the north country, Red, but Xmas "activities" started down here at least a month ago. For proof, all you had to do was walk into or by any Sears, Walmart or Kmart. Earlier and earlier every year.

  4. Thanks Peter. I have the ticket! I almost never go to malls! I hate shopping. I even blogged about I hate shopping. I'm sure our malls are exactly like yours and full of Christmas stuff right after halloween.
    I will read your post next. Have a nice and wonderful day.