Friday, April 1, 2011

April First is Awesome

          I've always liked a good practical joke.  A joke that's funny, but not mean or hurtful.

          I can remember riding to town with my Dad and we passed a farm where the farmer had all his equipment lined up on the side of a hill. With my devious little mind I could see that some of this equipment could be released and it would roll down the short hill. I thought it would be funny to see the farmer find that his equipment had rolled down the hill.

          In our country school there was a standard April Fool's joke. We would take the gong out of the bell so that the teacher would not be able to ring the bell and call us into the school. Most of the time the kids and teacher enjoyed this prank. We usually put the gong in the teacher's desk drawer.

          When I was a rookie teacher in a one room country school I was a spoil sport when it came to the standard bell trick. I took the gong out of the bell before the kids got to school.

          Today's April Fool's pranks are usually in the media. I must admit that some of them are very clever. Today we had a weather forecast for a winter storm warning.  Many people thought that this was an April Fools gag. Surprise , suprise! That was our valid weather forecast.

         Today I looked around for some good gags on the Internet. I only found one and it was in a blog that I follow. It was rather neat as it followed the theme of the blog and was backed up with excellent photos.

          So I hope that you enjoyed some humor today that was funny, but not hurtful or nasty. I hope that each day you find some humor to brighten your day.


  1. No practical jokes around here today but I remember when a couple of kids took a buggy apart one night and put it back together on the roof of a certain ranchers barn......he called them that afternoon to see if they'd help him get it down so I don't know who had the short end of THAT stick;)

  2. That was a standard procedure with pranks. There were so few pranksters in the rural areas that it was difficult to get away with anything. In our village when stuff like that happened the RCMP would show up at the school and conscript about ten and go out in the community and right things. No hard feelings anywhere.

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  4. I noticed a few jokes played out on TV yesterday, but not as many as usual. I am glad to see April arrive.

  5. Good Morning Rae. I'm an oddity! I never watch TV so I miss the pranks on TV.
    It's wonderful that April is here , but it's snowing here this morning.