Monday, April 4, 2011

Wow! I've Got Some Bare Ground in my Yard

       Yes bare ground! I can hardly remember what it is! So here is a narrow strip of bare ground at the south end of my house. One meter away from the house is still covered with deep snow. Towards the fence the snow is about 60-70 cm.(24 in.) deep.

        April 4th is very late for us to still have snow. Usually all of our snow has disappeared by this date. Usually I have started with the first gardening tasks which around here is raking the grass to loosen the thatch. When raking is done it's time to dig the vegetable garden. Yes, I dig it by hand. I don't have a large area but it does take time.

       I'm hoping with this much bare ground the snow will thaw very quickly. Like everyone else I look forward to warmer temperatures and seeing perennials start. On one side of my house the bluebells have broken through  the ground and a lily of some sort has emerged.

     So I feel like I've really achieved something with a bare strip of ground. It was a very long winter!


  1. Yay! It's starting, now that you can seem some ground. I read somewhere that this is the latest that Portland has not had a 60 degree day yet. It's cold everywhere.

  2. You're right DJan, it's been miserable everywhere. It's been interesting watching the comments from southern bloggers as their winter and spring have been frustrating for them as well.

  3. Ah green grass..and pretty good looking grass too..not all sparse and weedy like my in the woods grass. Isn't it great to see something besides snow! :)