Friday, May 27, 2011

I Stand up for Bleeding Hearts

        Many blogs I follow have recently posted on flowers that are in spring splendor. I certainly appreciate these posts. Most of them demonstrate excellent photography  and very knowledgeable descriptions.

        While I was working in the yard today I noticed that my bleeding heart (lamprocapnos spectabilis)was at its very best. Bleeding hearts are early and since they are large-75-100cm - are very noticeable. Bleeding hearts are native to Northern China, Korea and Japan. They are very suitable to temperate climates such as I live in. There are other names for the bleeding heart as people see other shapes in the blooms. I have only seen pink bleeding hearts so I tried to see if there are other colors. I was not successful in finding bleeding hearts in other colors. Hopefully some of my readers will be able to add some information about color. By early August the leaves have lost color and the stems become dormant. Most years my bleeding hearts are cut down before the end of August.
       So I wanted to give the humble bleeding heart some publicity because it does have a charm of its own. It also suits me to some extent as I see myself as somewhat of a bleeding heart!


  1. Your Bleeding Hearts are beautiful. I used to have many varieties. I would call yours Dicentra spectabilis. Then she has a sister called Dicentra spectablis 'alba' she is white and beautiful too! Then they have all kinds of cousins Dicentra exima 'luxuriant'
    on and on. the exima ones will bloom most of the summer.
    spectabilis goes is just her habit to rest after being so beautiful. I used to tell my customers to plant an annual near her so that you always remember to water that area..because she still needs some water even in dormancy. Oh my end of the plant lecture already:)

  2. Thanks Far Side. You've given me much more information than I could find on the net.
    I always thought there were some different colors but I couldn't find anything on them.
    Your plant lecture was very informative. Keep on giving them.

  3. These flowers always bring back great memories! We had a Bleeding Heart at our first house and I loved walking past it. Several people have shown me a little rhyme you say as you dismantle the petals, but I could never remember the story. Great post!

  4. Thanks for the memory. Bleeding hearts are prominent here mostly because they are early and do so well. You're a great guy for giving homework...even to old retired guys. Now I will have to search for the rhyme.

  5. I'll give Far Side a thanks too.....I have a hard time keeping one alive although my mother in law (who lived across the yard) could grown them beautifully. I think maybe it's time I tried another one.

  6. Linda, this was the first perennial I ever moved in my life. I think I got lucky and put it in a south west corner. Far Side gave me a hot tip and that's to keep watering them after they die down.
    They are certainly well suited to this zone.