Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sometimes You Learn an Awful Lot in one Afternoon

      I have to write this post right away while the sting of reality is still fresh on my mind.

       I have written about having a couple of  super teenagers for neighbors and how they are so adept at technology. I have worked hard to learn some things but I always knew that if I was really stuck I could get bailed out by either one of them.

       So I was a little surprised a few days ago when I was asked if I could help Courtney set up a blog. I somehow or other didn't think this fit. However, I did arrange a time to work on the blog. Courtney is going to the Mayo clinic for some testing so she wanted to set up a blog to keep friends and relatives informed. When I got to her computer the blog was there so I did a double take. I wasn't surprised to see the blog with a post but I had been lead to think the blog wasn't set up. My mouth was too far open to say, "Nice blog, Courtney!" My mouth kept going and I tried to tell how a blog worked when reality set in and ,I said,"Well, what is it you need help in setting up?" The first two questions that were asked I didn't have a clue. I was able to assist with some simple things that Courtney hadn't had time to discover on her own so I saved her some time in searching.

     I went home with some homework. The rest of the afternoon was fun as we emailed back and forth on what we discovered.

     For me the afternoon was stimulating as I got to work with a young person. I am always amazed at how rapidly young people catch on to new things. I thought back to how lucky I was to be a teacher for thirty seven years and work with young people.

     So it's quite a jolt to go back to learning so much in a short time. Courtney learned a few things about her blog but she taught me a whole lot more .


  1. How totally cool! And everybody benefited from the interaction, and now I am, too! :-)

  2. I still have to go back and add some stuff to that post. I will put a link to her blog. I'm sure some of the stuff would make no sense to my readers but you're so considerate that I don't hear about it.
    Rode my 21 kms last night! Haven't been able to ride consistantly because of the weather.

  3. I had a great time yesterday learning about how to use Blogger. You were such a help to me!

  4. What a wonderful post! Thanks for being such a great support for us!

  5. Thanks Courtney. I hope I was some help. What I know is that it pushed me a whole lot and that is good. I learned some good stuff. Thanks for the banana loaf!

  6. Great to see how we can all learn from each other. We are setting up class blogs at our school and I have been challenged getting this going . . . but I'm up for the challenge and now I have more time to spend figuring it all out.

    Great post,



  7. Thanks for visiting.
    I have been thinking for quite a while that if I was back in the clasroom I would efinitely use blogs. I've seen some school blogs but they were disappointing as it seemed it was for only one project.
    Have a great summer.

  8. I'm envious that you have a blogging neighbour! ;)

    I took a look at Courtney's blog. The two of you did a fine job of creating it.

    I hope things work out as well as possible for her.

  9. Hilary, I take no credit for Courtney's blog at all. She's an extremely bright and talented girl.
    I'm about to do a post on bloggers who I know personally.
    Thanks for visiting Courtney's blog. sSe will be pleased. She doesn't really know what to expect from the blog as to where it will take her. I think she will be surprised at the reactions she gets and probably continue to comment on her condition. I think she wants to educate the public to some extent.