Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas at Hiawatha House

       Christmas is a pretty laid back affair around Hiawatha House. Nobody gets up at 4 AM and sneaks downstairs to see if Santa had been there. On the other hand nobody sleeps in. We get up at the usual time and have breakfast and get on with the first chores of the day.

       Our daughter Skyped us from Chicago. We shared some Christmas chatter and showed various things we hadn't seen before. WE saw a Christmas present that we hadn't opened yet. She got the same thing we got although we hadn't opened it yet. 

       After the daughter's call we opened gifts.
I did get my stocking hung up!
The grand kids gifts
Goofy grandpa with the grand kids gifts.
Surprise!  Surprise! I got a sweater for Christmas.
 A really silly self done photo.

       The standard lunch was had by all!
 Had a nice two km walk around bower Ponds. Lots of skaters on this well kept outdoor pond. I was sorry I didn't take my skates.

       Skyped with the grand kids in the afternoon.

      Very good Christmas dinner. We had turkey breast. After we had eaten we  noticed that a single neighbor was home alone so took a plate of our dinner over to him.

       From 7-8 PM I went cross country skiing. I really needed to burn of those extra calories.