Friday, September 8, 2023


       I don't know how many posts I've started with "I was a teacher." Then comes another teacher story.

       During my career I had about 20 student teachers. They came from the University of Alberta and did a 6 week practicum. Sometimes this was split with another teacher. I enjoyed having student teachers as I could keep my eye on what methods were coming up. For most students, you knew they were ready to go. I would check the lesson plan and leave the classroom. They needed space to develop confidence. 

      One of the students I had was Maggie who got her degree at age 40. Maggie had many hardships. Some she bought on herself and others hit her. However,  Maggie had turned her life around and finished an education degree with very high marks. And she came out to do her practicum with me. Maggie struggled with her practicum. She just wasn't confident enough to mix it up with the kids. However, she passed the practicum. Our school hired Maggie on a contract. The principal had confidence that with experience Maggie could teach. 

    Maggie made the decision on her own not to continue teaching. She found something that was very suitable for her. She was hired as  marker for the local college and loved this position as she was much more suited to the college level. The remainder of her career was spent at the college. 

     Maggie struggled with some health conditions. She had fiber myalgia and several other conditions that influenced her quality of life. 

    Even though Maggie lived in town, I didn't see her very often. When we met it was mutual pleasure to have a good visit. 

     Last week Maggie passed away . She knew some terrible struggles in life and also some major achievements.