Wednesday, June 21, 2023


     I like special days like summer solstice. I have always thought about the longest day of the year even as a child. Well, I probably missed the first half dozen. 

     I only attended a summer solstice celebration once. I was living in Inuvik NWT. Some of us would climb up a hill just south of town. We had a good supply of hotdogs and beer. We would wait until midnight. Now at that latitude we had 24 hour daylight . We'd had 24 hour daylight for about 3 weeks. So the getting together was not for celebrating the longest day but solstice itself. So gradually we would wander off home (no cars) and appear a little bleary eyed a work the next morning. 

   So here ae todays numbers: 

             sunrise 5:13 AM

             sunset 10:00 PM

             Daylight hours 16:47

      The photos are not from today but a few years ago. I was out for a bike ride when I took these photos. 

     The sun shining on the north side of  house about 9:20 PM
    Just before sundown.
     10:00 PM in my back yard.