Saturday, December 1, 2018


    Last week I got new lenses for my glasses. What a difference!

    In the early spring I began having difficulties with eye sight. Using glasses with binoculars was a problem. Light was always dull. Colors were very washed out. Driving was frustrating as it was difficult to read signs. I knew something was wrong but didn't know what.

    When I put the glasses on it was if I was looking through a light film . It made things darker. Walking in the dark was a double problem.

    I remembered the same thing happened before and it turned out to be the lens coating. I went to an optician and he declared my lens coating fine.

   What to do? Things became worse. I did not use glasses for driving. I found an old pair of half eyes to use for the computer. Try washing dishes without glasses?

     I dropped to the opticians again and a different person said the coating is definitely a problem.

    So then lens shopping began. I wear trifocals and at first they told me they couldn't get them . Some people said trifocals are going out. Finally they found some trifocals. I've never used progressive lenses.  The lenses came in last week. What a difference! Things are bright again. Driving is easy again. I think the dishes are cleaner.

    So life is good again. I'm not half as crabby as I was!