Sunday, April 14, 2013

I've Been "Trooly Blest" With Lots More Snow

   I have been blessed with lots more snow this weekend. On Saturday we had a bout 15 cm (6 in) of snow. It started early Saturday morning and most of the snow melted as it fell. It cooled off in the afternoon and the snow started accumulating.

   My 80 something neighbor fell down the stairs recently and injured a leg tendon. She's a very feisty lady and always shovels her own snow. I volunteered to shovel her snow this morning. She admitted that she tried to shovel last night and took four shovel fulls that hurt and then she suffered all night. So another yard for me to shovel is fine as I can do with the exercise.

    The forecast for the remainder of the week isn't good.

    So here I am this morning shoveling my side walk again.
It was pleasant for shoveling this morning. I see I didn't set the date on the camera!

    Usually by this time in April I've finished cleaning my yard, got my snow tires off and planted sweet peas. I would also be looking to see if the garden is ready to dig up. Oh well, it will all get done in good time.