Tuesday, May 31, 2022


      The events of the Texas school shooting are nothing less than horrific. One only has to think about the loss of young children to realize the horror. 

       I have opinions and things I would like to say. I am not an American. I am North American...Canadian. How much right does that give me to comment? Sometimes it's difficult to accept what others say about you and you can make the situation worse. On the other hand I have things I would like to say. 

      I would hope that everybody sees the horror of young children and adults being mowed down in a mass shooting. I would hope that people see the need for this carnage to stop. 

     After mass shooting events we have the same expressions. Some ideas are positive and would bring about some change. Other ideas are as irrational as ever. Politicians cannot seem to get together and agree on some basic laws to pass that may prevent some of the mass shooting. And then again some people want to keep laws the same as before. Don't change anything. They want to keep  guns even if they are easily stolen by bad guys. 

      After this it gets complicated. Mental health plays a part. How much is mental health a factor? They don't know. I'm alarmed to find out that there are many games which involve shooting and killing people. When does this help someone to cross over into delusion? 

     Law enforcement agencies do not have an answer in any part of this complicated sick activity. 

     Some people always have mass shootings on their radar. Other people only think about mass shootings when it happens. 

    Some how all people have to put aside differences and look at a plan that will prevent the mass killing. Some may have to agree to things that they strongly disagree with but it has to be done to bring about some basic safety.