Friday, January 3, 2020


aspirin       My sister would have been 78 today. Instead she has remained 11 years old. Birthdays come and go but she stopped at 11. 

       In Feb of 1953 our family met a tragedy. My sister died of illness which was not diagnosed and not treatable at the time.

      Our family was saddened and the loss was felt by each one of us to this day.

      My Mom came to terms with the loss but my Dad never came to terms with the loss.

     All of us were influenced one way or another. Mom and Dad found it difficult to be parents. So teenage boys were on their own and some of the behavior was unacceptable.

     So instead  of being 78 on Jan.1,  my sister is still eleven years old. At the time my sister was diagnosed with rheumatic fever. Today I think it's called Kawasaki's disease and is treatable with aspirin.aspirin