Saturday, October 26, 2019


       A while ago , I can't remember how long ago, I blogged about how much I was worth. I had found the doctor's bill for my birth in some old papers of Dad's. The doctor's bill for my birth was exactly $10.00 so I put down my value as $10.00.

      Well, this has been amended and updated. For my 80th birthday someone gave me a check for $80.00 so I'm worth a dollar a year!

      So here I am from one to eighty!

     If the truth be known I care nothing about money. I like to play with a few unrelated figures. 

     I would be happy to be like my Dad and slide on out of here with less than $2000.00 in his bank account after all expenses were accounted for his funeral.  We did not have to go through a will because his assets were so few. If the family agreed to take the money out of the account and close it that would be the end. No fuss! No muss!