Monday, April 11, 2016

More Sound

      While I'm on the topic of sound or no sound, I should touch base with one of my original topics to post on.  On my very first post I listed some of the things I was interested in and would post on them from time to time.

      One of the topics was music. Pleasant sound! I don't think I've made very many posts about music. 

      My association with music is very limited. I'm not musical. I don't play any instruments and I can't sing. However, I do enjoy listening to music. My choice of music is very wide. In other words I listen to many different genres of music. That variety changes from time to time as new areas of music are discovered and once enjoyed music is forgotten.

     I like listening to radio where information is given about the music...lots of information...history, performers, techniques, how the music is put together, basic music. Music is much more meaningful when you know more about it. I like listening to Randy Bachman on CBC. He calls his show"Randy's Vinyl Tap." He plays good old rock and roll and has tons of obscure information and stories.

    Now I admit that I don't listen to modern commercial music at all. I am a way behind. I have excuses. Much of today's music is aimed at teens or young people. There's too much music to keep up in all genres. Some music I don't listen to such as modern country or rap. So I listen to radio stations that specialize in providing a wide variety of music and all kinds of background information. I started listening to much more jazz and blues. I like old time country and rock and roll. I like classical music. I've discovered classical religious music. Now I need a lot of help- to understand what's going on there

     I like to listen to music that doesn't have commercial success but it's out there and is played. There are many good local bands and singer/ songwriters. There are some odd ball music shows like Roy's Record Room which airs on CKUA. Roy plays music that was recorded on old discs. You never know if you're going to get country and western, blues jazz or anything else.

     So I'm not entirely about silence as I covered in my last post. I can listen to a lot of music in a day. I haven't downloaded much music but I realize there's lots out there to choose from.

     Now how about you? Do you have special musical talent?  Do you have just one variety of music that you follow? Any hints about some good music to listen to?