Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Unfinished Logic

       A few days ago I wrote a post called Logic Hiawatha House Style. I was trying to make the point that around winter solstice time the sun would begin  to set later in the afternoon before the solstice. I further tried to point out that the sun would continue to rise later each mornining until well after the solstice.

      Today I will include a little chart with sunrises and sunsets. Maybe my logic will make some sense. Let me know if it makes sense or not.

                                                   sunrise               sunset

        Dec. 18                                                       4:23
        Dec. 19                               8:42                4:23
        Dec. 20                               8:42
        Dec. 21                                                       4:24
        Dec. 22                               8:43               4:25
        Dec. 23                               8: 44              4:26
        Dec. 24                               8:44
        Dec. 26                                                      4:28
        Dec. 27                                8:45

                I will continue to add to this chart over the next few days.