Friday, May 2, 2014

Red's Comments

      Comments from readers are the best part of blogging. Readers response gives me an expanded perspective of what I've written. Needless to say, I appreciate comments.

     Today I want to consider comments I make. I have to ask a few questions about my comments and analyze what I am doing. Do I make meaningful comments?

     I make a number of different types of comments.  Many times I pick one narrow aspect of a blog and make my comment. It's not that I haven't read the whole blog. I feel the one point is what I would like to consider.

    Too many times I make a comment that refers to me. Comments should be on the writer's post. 

    Are the complements I make genuine and sincere? I hope so. Are my comments supportive and positive. Bloggers put something out in public and they should be rewarded and encouraged .

    I sometimes use humor in a comment. I try to use humor with bloggers I think I know well and who get my sense of humor.

    Sometimes my comments are fairly shallow. I'm not saying much. There's little substance in the comment. I try to avoid the fluff comments.

   Sometimes I misunderstand something and make a ridiculous comment and embarrass myself. That'll teach me for not reading the post carefully.

   I hope that my comments are polite. Being careful about comments elevates the whole blogging experience.

    I follow many blogs. Too many blogs for me to make comments on every post. I admit that I have to rank things. Some blogs I find interesting to read but do not make comments. Some blogs I comment on from time to time . Some blogs I comment on every post.

    I hope that my comments are never offensive. If I do offend I hope you'll tell me so that I can apologize and make things right. 

    How about you? What do you try to do with comments?