Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh the Flu Shot, the Flu Shot. Such a Terrible Thought!

    Yesterday I went for my annual flu shot. Now I'm not a wuss when it comes to needles or any other treatment, but I do have some reservations about flu shots.

    Here , Alberta Health Services provides and encourages all people to get a flu shot. At one time flu shots were only available for those over 65, 12 or under and people with a chronic condition such as asthma. Since we've had  a few scares about pandemics, they have decided to make a flu shot available to all citizens.

     I had always resisted getting a flu shot because I have excellent health and resistance. I also didn't want to put something in my body that may alter my immune system.( Just my opinion. Not a researched idea.) So I was dragged , kicking and screaming, for a flu shot a few years ago. Somebody threatened that if I got the flu "herself" wouldn't look after me. I have not had a flu for 15 years and I'm not sure if it was the result of a flu shot or my own resistance and good health.

     So yesterday off  I  obediently went for my flu shot. It was the first day flu shots were available. Now with new technology needles are so fine and sharp that you really have to be thinking about it when you get your shot to feel anything.

    Here large clinics are organized. A large building is set up with about 20 nurses. Volunteers man a reception area and processing of records. Then you sit and wait.. You are given numbers and when they call your number off you go. You have to wait 15 minutes after your shot so there is a large room with about 400 seats for people to wait. I said to the person next to me that I should get up and sing because I would not likely ever have an audience this large again!

    So I hope this is another year without a flu.

    I hope all readers and followers miss the flu this year too.